The Talbot Spy is Talbot County’s online portal to local news and themes promoting the quality of living in our communities. Editorially, we embrace the tenets of a Progressive approach to political, social and environmental dialogues and will cultivate a curatorial style for links to wider national and international issues we feel are valuable concerns to the ever-changing context of our lives.

To preserve our fundamental belief that all perspectives are valuable, we invite any and all vantage points to our forums. We are living in ideologically divisive times on a national and local level with an urgent sense to communicate with each other. We want to be the the platform for these discussions.

The Talbot communities are an especially dynamic, interactive yet distinct group of townships. From St. Michaels, to Oxford, to Easton, each individual community’s character prevails and it is our hope to showcase their uniqueness while embracing the need to work together to address shared challenges.

We are also a social hybrid, with many ‘second home’ families from the Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia metropolitan areas, creating an even more diverse community fabric. Even though the idea of “Us” is complex, it is inclusive with one overarching mission—to help our part of the Eastern Shore, our lives here, thrive, and to take on the myriad challenges we face with open minds and a creative spirit.

We’re honored to be a part.