Recovery: Lindsey Newcomb on Talbot County’s Upcoming Conference on Opioid Epidemic

Did you know over the past three years that 272 Mid-Shore opioid overdoses were reported by Shore Regional Health-Memorial Hospital at Easton? That’s according to the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

That number has been on the mind of Lindsay Newcomb, the Parent Education Coordinator for Talbot County Department of Social Services as well as the challenge of educating kids and their parents that have not been impacted yet by the opioid epidemic in the region.

To help address the problem, she is helping to host a major free  conference on the subject  on April 8, “Opioid Use Across the Lifespan,” which will feature nationally-known guest speaker Tony Hoffman, Pro BMX Competitor and Recovering Addict. The day-long event will be held at the Talbot County Community Center, Easton, MD. Parents, teens, teachers, coaches, medical providers and anyone dealing with youth in our community are encouraged to attend. Some of the conference topics will include safe disposal of prescription drugs, drug abuse trends and prevention strategies, the use of NARCAN, available resources, and personal stories by local residents.

We sat down with Lindsey to talk more about the program and the importance of Tony Hoffman’s message to young people.

 “Opioid Use Across the Lifespan,” on April 8, 2017, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Talbot Community Center. The conference is sponsored by the Talbot County Department of Social Services and is free to the public. Space is limited and pre-registration is required by March 24, 2017. Space is limited for the free conference and pre-registration is required by March 24, 2017. Call 410-770-5750 or email

Spy Moment: Academy Art Museum Welcomes Mid-Shore Student Exhibition

The Academy Art Museum is hosting its annual Mid-Shore Student Art Exhibition which highlights the artistic talents of students in grades Kindergarten through 12 from Talbot, Caroline, Dorchester, Queen Anne’s and Kent counties. As in past years, visitors can expect a variety of media, including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, and printmaking. The Mid-Shore Student Art Exhibition has been a Museum tradition for over 25 years and are the largest and most prestigious student art exhibition on the Eastern Shore.

The Spy took a few minutes the other day to talk to Constance Del Nero, AAM’s Director of Community Programs, to talk about the joy and challenges of hanging over 1,000 pieces of art for the student art show.

This video is approximately one minute in length.  The Mid-Shore Art Exhibition will be on display through April 2. For additional information, visit or call 410-822-2787.

Psst….The Bartlett Pear is Totally Open for Business

The Bartlett Pear has been one of those special gifts that a small community rarely is the recipient of. A beautiful historic downtown building is reactivated by a “from here” young couple who converts it to a first class boutique hotel and dining venue.

After years being mentored by some of the top chefs in America, Alice and Jordan Lloyd returned to their native home of Easton in 2009 to develop their own vision of what hospitality means regarding food and lodging. And throughout a particularly painful economic recession, the Bartlett Pear persevered by offering locally-sourced culinary delights from the morning until the late hours of the night.

But even with that remarkable track record, the “BP” has had to reset its business model to more accurately calibrate what the owners do and when they do it with the realities of being a young family with two children.

The result of this hard-nosed evaluation led to a different approach for the current Bartlett Pear. Jordan, at the height of his earning power as a chef, decided to commute to DC during the week and return to the extremely high-end dining scene there while Alice would operate the hotel and bakery.

The Spy had a brief chat with Alice about these changes as well as her gratitude for the Pear’s very loyal patrons for quickly adapting to its pivots over the last nine years.

This video is approximately one minute in length. For more information about the Bartlett Pear please go here

Mid-Shore Arts: A Spy Minute with Photographer Cal Jackson

It was only after a professional life in accounting, including being an auditor for the U.S. Army, that Cal found himself becoming passionate about photography. With a family to feed, he had little time to take on any extracurricular activities until he arrived on the Mid-Shore for his retirement a few years ago. And for reasons that he concedes are perhaps unknown to him, he found himself becoming increasingly drawn to the art of photography.

In this Spy Minute, we talk to Cal about his photography and his work documenting life on the Eastern Shore.

This video is approximately one minute in length. Cal Jackson’s work is currently on display at the Todd Center for the Performing Arts at Chesapeake College, Le Hatchery Galleria in Easton, and Candleberry Gallery in St. Michaels this month. 

Art Notes: NPR Broadcasts KristaTippett Interview with Anil Dash at the Avalon

A few months ago, there was a very special moment at the Avalon Theater in downtown Easton when Krista Tippett, the Peabody Award-winning broadcaster and New York Times best-selling author, took to the stage to record her NPR program, On Being, with tech entrepreneur and Silicon Valley influencer Anil Dash.

Finally, that segment was broadcast last week and is now available on the On Being website for those who missed this engaging discussion on the use of technology to improve the lives of others. Spy readers should go here to listen to the program.



Recovery: Barriers discourage Doctors from providing Suboxone to Opioid Addicts

The Spy took note of a report a few days ago from Maine highlighting a number of state doctor groups having little effect in convincing physicians to become Suboxone providers.

“Boosting the low supply of doctors who prescribe Suboxone is a crucial piece of the puzzle that if solved would help to meet the treatment demand for the thousands of Mainers in the throes of an opioid addiction.

Those efforts haven’t worked yet. Among the barriers are cultural stigmas to treating patients with addictions, financial disincentives, bureaucratic red tape and doctors believing that opening their doors for drug treatment would overwhelm their practices”

Bay Conservationists and Legislators Attempt to Find Common Ground at ESCC Town Hall Meeting

There could not be a better example how useful the new Eastern Shore Conservation Center is for the Mid-Shore than last night’s Town Hall meeting between the Eastern Shore’s leading conservation organizations and members of the State of Maryland’s Senate and General Assembly.

While it was hard to say there was a breakthrough for the State’s conservation agenda, the fact that so many diverse parties could gather together under the same roof to share ideas on how best to protect the Chesapeake Bay was an encouraging signal that progress could be made over the next twelve months in Annapolis.

During the two-hour program, representatives from the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy, The MidShore Riverkeeper Conservancy, Preservation Maryland, Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the Maryland League of Conservation Voters highlighted their top legislative priorities for 2017. And in response, Maryland State Senators Adelaide Eckardt and James Mathias, Jr. along with Delegates Chris Adams and Johnny Mautz, summarized where they saw common ground as well as a few differences in priorities and long-term strategies.

The Spy was there to capture some of the highlights.

This video is approximately thirty-five minutes in length 

Spy Overview: The YMCA’s “Take the Helm” Program

In less than a week or so, the YMCA of the Chesapeake will formally begin a new program designed to orient and train high school age young men and women in the fine craft of wooden boat building. Intentionally copied from an extraordinarily successful program in the Bronx of New York City named Rocking the Boat, The YMCA’s staff, volunteers, and financial backers have been working for over a year to get ready for this moment, including several visits to Rocking the Boat’s offices along the Hudson River for meetings with its founder and director Adam Green.

With the help of Rocking the Boat’s audio and images as well as Easton videographer CeCe Davis, the Spy has assembled a short overview of the program to give our readers a sense of how powerful this has been for the individuals involved, for the community, and for environmental awareness.

This video is approximately three minutes in length. For more information about Take the Helm, please go here or contact its program director Adam Hollis at 410-822-0566 or email 


A Spy Visit to the Chesapeake Bay Russian Embassy Estate

Editor’s Note:  In light of the United States government’s actions to prohibit Russians access to their retreat in Queen Anne’s County yesterday, The Spy would like to share a previous story we did on the property in August of 2013.

For more that twenty years, through international crisis and diplomatic tensions, Washington’s Russian Embassy has used their country retreat, known locally as Pioneer Point, a few miles outside of Centreville to quietly host the Sailing Club of The Chesapeake’s annual Labor Day Cruise. And the tradition was started by none other than long serving Russian Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin, apparently a  friend of sailors and Pizza Hut.

It’s also one of the few times that the estate, on land once owned by the Tilghman Family, is open to Americans. The Spy tagged along for the last holiday bash this past weekend and was welcomed to take some photographs of this remarkable property.img_0844 img_0847 img_0853 img_0839 img_0848 img_0860 img_0864 img_0841 img_0846 img_0849 img_0856 img_0858 img_0865 img_0857 img_0854 img_0840 img_0850 img_0852 img_0859 img_0861 img_0842 img_0845 img_0851 img_0855 img_0863

Spy Report: Avalon’s Holiday Party Not Your Typical Nutcracker

If there is one thing that Jessica Bellis, general manager of the Avalon Theater, wants you to know about this year’s annual holiday play, this is not your mother’s “Nutcracker.” What has become as traditional as hot cocoa, family dinner and presents around the tree during the holidays is The Annual Holiday Play at The Avalon Theatre, but this year, they have moved outside the box, so to speak, to present an entirely reinterpreted version of this seasonal classic.

Starting December 16, the Avalon is proud to present “The Nutcracker: A New Musical” as its holiday fare. This “new musical” is a 2007 release, based on the original story by ETA Hoffmann. In this fantasy, story, featuring interactive sets, music, and dance and over 40 actors, Clara and The Nutcracker along with some very special come-to-life friends struggle against The Rat King and its minions to save Christmas before it is too late.

While “The Nutcracker: A New Musical” is based on the original story by ETA Hoffman, in this fantasy, featuring interactive sets and music and dance for over 40 cast members, Clara and The Nutcracker along with some very special come-to-life friends struggle against The Rat King and its minions to save Christmas before it is too late.

The Spy visited the cast rehearsal last night and returned with the following report.

This video is approximately three minutes in length. “The Nutcracker: A New Musical” is sponsored in part by the donations by Doc’s Downtown Grille, Ben Franklin Crafts Easton, The Hill Group at Morgan Stanley, Carpenter Street Saloon, The Shops at Sea Captain’s Cottage, St. Michaels Marina LLC Rauch INC, Engineering Design & Development Services, Eastern Shore Land Conservancy, Hill’s Café & Juice Bar, Friends of Easton Dog Park, Shearer the Jeweler, and Berrier LTD, Menswear.

For more information about performance schedule, please go here.