Spy Minute: Airport Day 2017 Rocks with Largest Attendance Ever

Four hours of flying fun on September’s final Saturday gave hundreds a people a personal and close-up look at some of America’s finest flying machines. In the final hour, a happy and relieved Mike Henry, Easton’s able airport manager, proclaimed to the Spy that the day was a great success. In fact, it was the largest attendance on record!

One look at the airport ramp filled with people and aircraft told the story!

Visitors were treated to a morning jet pull, followed by a departure and mass formation flyover. The aircraft participating in the show were on the ground for visitors to checkout up close and even talk to the pilots.

After lunch, attention turned towards the field for the “world famous chicken drop.” No, it’s not a real chicken.

Then, a beautiful L-39 jet powered up and prepared to taxi.

After being cleared for takeoff by Easton’s air traffic controllers, the L-39 thrilled the crowd with a few approved fly overs!

Before The Spy departed, a couple of beautiful WWII-era aircraft were spotted. There is something about old aircraft and kids….a B-25 and Avenger torpedo bomber did not disappoint old and young alike!

Easton Sidewalks: Best Wine Dispenser on Federal Street

Already providing one of the most pleasant luncheon choices in Easton, Sunflowers and Greens has added an Italian wine dispenser got the Spy’s attention the other day. As impressive as the WineEmotion device is, the selection of wines ranging from good value to extraordinary selections now makes it possible to have a really fine glass of wine with your meal.

The wine is dispensed in 2, 4, and 8 ounce quantities, so it’s possible to taste a selection or settle in on something you really want to try without going for a bottle. The Spy opted for a glass of 2013 Domaine Bachelet-Monnot Batard-Montrachet and enjoyed a delightful outdoor lunch even more than usual!

Sunflowers and Greens information can be found here

The Queens of Washington Street: The Drag Race for Talbot Hospice

It’s safe to say that Washington Street never gets campier in a given year than during the annual Talbot Hospice Drag Race. Ten or so men in full drag take to the streets of Easton in September to win the support of blue-ribbon judges on their wardrobe and charm.

Its also a wonderful way for the community to support the work of the greatly respected Talbot Hospice, which has helped so many families on the Mid-Shore with end of life support and treatment.

The Spy was there to catch some of the fun.

This video is approximately five minutes in length.  For more information on Talbot Hospice please go here 

Spy Investigation: The Talbot County PawPaw

A few days ago, a Spy subscriber left a plastic bag with two pieces of very exotic-looking fruit at our international headquarters on Dover Street for our sampling pleasure.  While the reader did not indicate as such, the Spy believes that he/ she may be associated with the PawPaw Appreciation Association – Cooke’s Hope chapter, since the fruit is a Talbot County product.

The PawPaw is not new. It was discovered and named Asimina in 1541, and actually is the largest edible fruit indigenous to the North American continent. And it certainly helps to know that the likes of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew the plant to offer as a dessert. It also served as a critical part of Lewis and Clark’s food supply.

But how does it taste?

Good. The Spy took our sample and did a tiny and uncontrolled taste test on Goldsborough Street. It was served at room temperature (Washington liked his chilled), and it had a softer texture than pyataya. Is that enough to bring back the PawPaw to restaurants and fine dinner parties shortly? You’ll need to contact the Cooke’s Hope chapter representative for that answer but they left no contact information.


Spy Update: Robert Messick’s Long Walk Home has Become a Bit Longer

  • To use the boxer Mike Tyson’s now famous line,  everyone has a plan “until someone punches you in the throat.” Talbot County attorney Robert Messick has found that to be true after spending the last four and a half months hiking the Appalachian Trail as a fundraiser for the Talbot Interfaith Shelter.

While the plan had been to simply start at the most southern part of the trail and hike all the way up to Maine in one continuous stretch of time, an early injury and severe weather in the South forced Robert to divide the project into different sections of the 2,200 miles of the famed path.

All total though, as he recounted with the Spy when we checked in with him during a short break in Easton, he’s completed 1,800 of those miles and hopes that he’ll be completely done by the end of the Fall.

But we all know about plans…

This video is approximately two minutes in length. For more information on Talbot Interfaith Shelter and the Long Walk Home project please go here.



Spy Survey Results: Cut vs. Hire

Thanks to all who participated!

In our unscientific survey we found from our many responses that 70% always cut their grass with tractor or mower, while 19% never cut their own grass.

A full 2/3rds strongly agreed that they enjoy taking care of their own lawn; with, 51% strongly agreeing that they like driving a tractor.

Maybe best of all, regardless of whether you “cut” or “hire,” a full 83% report liking the way the lawn looks.

Numerous comments offered even more insights…some of our favorites:

“When I was growing up, my brothers got to mow the grass while I had to do housecleaning. I love mowing the grass, especially with my starts-in-2-pulls-of-the-rope Toro! I let my grass grow quite tall so that mowing it will be even more satisfying, and I sometimes play with making patterns as I cut. So much fun!”

“Husband sits on the tractor and cuts the fields and larger areas. Wife pushes the gas powered lawn mower around the trees and foundation plantings.  Both are happy with the outcome!”

“It is a peaceful time to be riding a mower trimming grass. Nobody bothers me with questions or whatever. I look forward to doing it every 4 days.”

“I grew up in a city apartment where I never learned to be expert with lawns or shrubs. I love the way our yard looks and could never hope to make it so nice with my lack of knowledge on the subject. I do my expert things and pay someone else who is good at their’s to do the lawn and all that comes with it. That helps make everyone happy and employed.”

“The best solution might be a herd of sheep but they are not as fast. See below”

Easton Sidewalks: A Little Bit of France on Hanson

While it is pretty clear that the homeowner’s primary intention for the exterior of their charming cottage on Hanson Street was to pay homage to famed 82nd Airborne Division of the United States Army, it doesn’t go unnoticed that there is also an effort to provide a French country theme to the house that was built in 1725.

In fact, this effort, as seen from certain vantage points from Hanson Street, is rather successful in replicating a small French village home complete with French signage, lighting, and candles in the window that make it a cozy landmark as one walks to Easton’s downtown.

Vive la Hanson only on Easton’s Sidewalks.



Spy Eye: Sailing Armada Descends On Oxford

The Spy can’t get enough of good sailing images and the 63rd Annual NASS race to Oxford this past Saturday provided excellent material, with 122 boats of various sizes race from Annapolis to just off the Tred Avon Yacht Club in Oxford. One of our Spy photographers captured the action all afternoon, including some exciting finishes with just a few feet separating the competitors. Racers and friends celebrated the perfect day for racing at the TAYC well into the evening.

Inside the Sprout Kitchen: The Art of the Order

Over the last year or so, the Mid-Shore is growing used to the idea, thanks to Sprout Kitchen in Trappe, where one can order freshly prepared meals delivered to your door rather than having to make a mad dash to the supermarket as the dinner hour approaches.

Unlike such popular meals by mail startups like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, where one still needs to go to the trouble of actually cooking those entrees, Sprouts takes it to the next step. And the next step is not only cooking these meals but locally sourcing the food that is prepared.

And with that kind of business plan, the irony is that Sprout Kitchen owners, Emily and Ryan Groll, actually encourage their clients to order less than more.

Why? In this latest installment, the Grolls answer that question and much more, as we visit once again Inside the Sprout Kitchen.

This video is approximately two minutes in length. For information about the Sprout Kitchen and their meal plans please go here

What a Tease: The 2017 Chesapeake Film Festival Trailer Released

One of the most fun parts of any film festival is the tradition of creating a unique trailer to promote it.  The Chesapeake Film Festival has been doing this for years – ten years to be exact – and for 2017 asked independent film producer and current volunteer marketing director for the CFF, Kindall Rende, to give it a go.

The Spy obtained her final version and thought our readers would enjoy seeing it as the Mid-Shore prepares for the popular film program to returns from October 27th to the 29th.

For more information about the 2017 Chesapeake Film Festival please go here