Spy Minute: Christmas in Easton Arts and Crafts Market Place Starts Friday

It seems like every time the Spy bumps into artist Jen Wagner she has become involved with another exciting project and She did not disappoint us when we last saw her at the Bullett House a couple of days ago.

It turns out that Jen and her friend, Susan Langfitt, have yet another project up their sleeve when they take over the Waterfowl Festival building this coming Friday night for two days as part of the Christmas in Easton Arts and Crafts Market Place.

In short, Jen and Susan, with the help of the Easton Business Alliance, and thirty other artists, performers and singers will have the equivalent of a “pop up store” on Harrison Street where the words “buy local” means some of the best arts and crafts are there for holiday shoppers to find some unique gifts for friends and family.

We chatted with Jen, along with artists Maggii Sarfaty and Josepha Price, about what could be the birth of a new tradition for downtown.

This video is approximately two minutes in length. For more information about the Christmas in Easton Arts and Crafts Market Place please go here

Mid-Shore Arts: The MSO “Holiday Joy” Preview with Julien Benichou and Jeffrey Parker

While there are plenty of reasons to be grateful that the Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra makes Easton its home throughout the year, it is hard to match the enthusiasm and brilliance performances that come with the Symphony’s annual holiday program. And this year is no different.

On December 7 at 7 p.m., the Orchestra will return to the Avalon for their celebration of the December holidays which gave us an opportunity to catch up with Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra’s musical director, Julien Benichou, and the Symphony board president, Jeffrey Parker to get a sneak preview of what’s planned for what must be the MSO’s most popular performance of the year.

This year the orchestra will be joined by soprano Leah Hawkins in what both Julian and Jeffrey agree could be a perfect pairing of an extraordinary singer with the warmth and brilliance of David Fraser’s This Christmastide or Jessye’s Carol since composition was written for the great Jessye Norman.

This video is approximately three minutes in length. For more information about Mid-Atlantic Symphony Orchestra please go here


Mid-Shore Education: Radcliffe Creek School’s Molly Judge Takes a Bow

As Radcliffe Creek School director Molly Judge enters her last year leading the private school she founded in Chestertown as a regional hub for bright students who learn differently, it is safe to predict that what took place at the Mid-Shore Community Foundation’s annual awards lunch last Friday will be repeated quite a few times before she officially steps down at the end of June.

And that is because, as Buck Duncan, president of the Mid-Shore Community Foundation, noted in his remarks to the overflow crowd in presenting Molly with the Foundation’s Town Watch Society Award, Molly has, “changed the educational landscape on the Mid-Shore forever.”

The Spy caught some of Buck’s comments and raided the Radcliffe Creek School’s Facebook page for some images of the school and its students.

This video is approximately two minutes in length. For more information about Radcliffe Creek School please go here


Spy Minute: What the Heck is the Bistro Bill with Joe Petro

Even after reading the coverage in the Star-Democrat over the last few days about the so-called Bistro Bill, the Spy was still not entirely clear what proposed legislation would do if the Talbot County Council ultimately passes in next month.

Our solution was a quick check in with Joe Petro, owner of Hair O’ the Dog, and the primary advocate for changing the law. As Joe explains, Hair O’ The Dog wishes to add a wine bar alongside their existing store off of Marlboro Street but current local law caps the amount Hair can serve its customers to one ounce. This change would permit them to remove that restriction for the wine bar addition and serve both wine and beer by the glass or bottle.

We checked in with Joe this morning to allow him to make his case that the law should change.

This video is approximately two minutes in length. For more information about Bistro Bill, a.k.a. Bill No. 1377, please go here


Spy Minute: Waterfowl Festival 2017

Launched in 1971, Easton’s Waterfowl Festival is a real community gathering.

The Spy started at one end of Harrison Street for what was described as “the world’s best cream of crab soup” that seemed to be enjoyed on a cold afternoon by one and all.

A new outdoor exhibit was set up right in front of us by Nanny Trippe.

Dogs, people and art of all kinds were in evidence for several blocks and after crab cakes at Christ Church, our group was drawn to the band outside the Academy Art Museum.

The festivities are fun for people and pets of all ages and the Festival runs today and tomorrow throughout Easton.

This video is approximately one minute in length.

Senior Nation: Preparing for One’s Second Life with Transition Training

While the goal for many who have migrated to the Eastern Shore for retirement is to enjoy a more relaxed phase in their lives, the reality for many former professionals and business executives is that they are experiencing a significant transition in their lives.

In many cases, these men and women who enjoyed career success in their work lives, or thrived as volunteer leaders in their former communities,  are now confronted with how to constructively spend the next three or four decades.

That is one of the reasons the Spy has been particularly interested in life coaching that focused on this kind transition.  And we, therefore, took special notice when Gerri Leder, a resident of St. Michaels, alerting us to her upcoming workshops in St. Michaels and Oxford in November to focus on this very issue.

And that was all it took for us to invite Gerri to the Bullitt House to talk about this process.

This video is approximately two minutes in length.

Midlife Transition Workshops in St. Michaels and Oxford are scheduled 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, Nov 9 at Etherton Hall, 103 Willow St., St. Michaels, or 10:00 a.m. on Monday, Nov 13 at the Oxford Community Center.  For more information go to here or call (443) 279-7901.

Spy Foodie Report: Mason’s 2.0 Selects a Chef

While Talbot County has been thrilled with the the news a few months ago that the greatly beloved Mason’s would be returning to Harrison Street soon, there was the lingering question of who would take on the challenging job of leading the kitchen of Mason’s-Redux.

The Spy has found the answer. One of our many agents has reported that Erin O’Shea, formerly a star at Rooster Soup Co. in Philadelphia will be moving down to Easton to be the new Mason’s culinary founding food guru.

While Rooster Soup Co. may sound like a modest venue, it was one of only a handful of places named by GQ as one of the best new restaurants in the country last year. And it certainly didn’t hurt the 100% of the restaurant’s profits were donated to hunger projects throughout the city.

Chance Negri, one of the partners of Mason’s, couldn’t be more pleased. “I am confident Chef Erin’s menu will spice and liven up the food scene in Easton, Talbot County and beyond…”

Mason’s is planning to formally open in the middle of November so stay tuned.




Spy Eye: Cover Your Chin for Charity….An Inside Look

The first week of this annual competition raising money for worthy causes in Talbot County has concluded and the challengers have been spotted around the area….with week-old beards.

The Spy is getting an inside look from one of the competitors and clearly interest will grow along with the beards between now and January 20th next year when the winners of the competition will be announced. You will find all the details on the group’s site – CoverYourChin.com.

Co-founders Adam Theeke summed up the effort earlier this year, saying, “if you are going to grow a beard competitively you might as well do it for a good cause.”

The competition raised over $20,000 last year and Theeke hopes to beat that number in 2018.

The competition began on October 20th, but there is still time to enter.

Contestants compete in multiple categories: Best Existing Beard, Best Moustache, Best Partial Beard, and Best Full Beard. And, most importantly, there also will be a Grand Prize awarded to the contestant who has raised the largest amount of financial donations in his name.

You can make your contribution online by going to the site where you can also associate your contribution with any one of the contestants. You may also designate to which of four charities you would like your contribution sent.

Talbot County Notes: NPR Interviews Local Farmer Chip Councell

The Spy noted over the weekend that Talbot County farmer Chip Councell was the subject of an interview the National Public Radio. Councell was asked to respond to the Trump Administration’s effort to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, a.k.a. NAFTA.

Please read the full story here.

Spy Eye: Barking in the Park

At 9:00 AM Saturday morning the Hair O the Dog Parade Dog Walk formed in Easton’s Idlewild Park and off went friendly dogs and friendly owners for a walk around town. All part of the Talbot Humane’s Bark in the Park. The parade returned to the park where their were dozens of enthusiasts selling products. Dogs competed in competitions throughout the morning.
The Spy had a dog in the parade to learn more about just what this event is all about!

Ace….a rescue dog marching with Hair of the Dog (Sponsor)

Maggie meeting other dog…

Humane Society banner with dogs in parade…

Dog with water bottle