Poem: The White Male Dilemma by Stan Salett

The White Male Dilemma

He was here before the beginning
When he was easily winning
Women, gays and others of color,
Seldom entered his circle of power.
That was a time,
Has it all gone by?
Does he have to buy in?
Should he lie?
Where is his place,
In this new world he can see,
Every day of his life,
In the streets,
In the malls,
In the movies,
And on TV?
His time may be passing,
His status declines
His opponents are massing
He can see all the signs.
But he will not go away,
He says he’s here to stay.

He wants his country back!

Stan Salett
December, 2013

Poem: Veterans Day (Arma Virumque Cano)

I sing of arms and of the men and women,
Who forced by fate,
Set sail to distant shores,
And faraway places,
With strange sounding names.
Who are seldom the sons and daughters,
Of the makers of our military missions.
Who, in our name, straddle the earth,
Like a postmodern virtual colossus,
Bringing death and destruction,
To distant enemies seen or presumed.
Who try to be all that they can be,
And hope that it is enough.
Who are self-selected,
And not always eager participants,
In making the world safe,
For free trade and constitutional democracy.

For without them,
How could we extend our American Empire.
And without them,
How could we offer the world,
Peace in our time,
And on our terms.

Stan Salett
November 11, 2002


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