Spy Intern Minute: “Wind and Oyster Jack” with Marcia Moore and Heather Crow

After years of preparation, Talbot County’s Marcia Moore, author of “Wind and Oyster Jack”, is ready to present her story to the world. With the help of her sensational illustrator, Heather Crow and her beautiful imagery, Oyster Jack’s story will inspire children from the Eastern Shore to hop on a Skipjack and set sail! “Wind and Oyster Jack” will premiere on October 28th at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum’s OysterFest in Saint Michaels. This is Marcia Moore’s first children’s book but hopefully, not her last.

For more information on Wind and Oyster Jack, click here

Tori Pack is the Talbot Spy intern for 2017-18. A graduate of Easton High School, Tori has spent the last year as a mentor in the non-profit organization, Talbot Mentors. Tori’s interest in writing and film have ushered in a young voice for the Talbot Spy that still has much to say.

Spy Intern Projects: Lighting the Way Against Substance Abuse

For weeks, the purple lights in Easton have gained notable attention and for good reason. Standing up against substance abuse is something that everyone can get behind.

On Monday, Talbot Goes Purple had their lighting ceremony in front of the Easton courthouse. Sheriff Joe Gamble and Lucie Hughes, of Tidewater Rotary, explained why substance abuse awareness and prevention is important to learn. 

The event brought together the community in a sea of purple shirts as the Talbot Goes Purple youth group officially flipped the switch. John Hines, the supervisor of electrical engineering, helped oversee the young ambassadors as the finishing touches on his masterpiece were placed. Easton Utilities wrapped a total of 152 light poles in downtown.

Chris Herren spoke the following night at the Easton High School auditorium. ‘The Herren Project’, a mission for taking the first steps to sobriety and educational awareness, was founded by Herren in 2011. Since then, Herren has dedicated his life to helping others understand the meaning of addiction and how they can help too. “If I can help just a single person in this room, that’ll make it all worth it,” he said. Herren shared his own life struggles with drugs and hopes that the youth will listen to his message. The best prevention is awareness

For more information about the Herren Project or Talbot Goes Purple click the links Herren Project or Talbot Goes Purple

Tori Pack is the Talbot Spy intern for 2017-18. A graduate of Easton High School, Tori has spent the last year as a mentor in the non-profit organization, Talbot Mentors. Tori’s interest in writing and film have ushered in a young voice for the Talbot Spy that still has much to say.

Spy Minute: Dancing through the Decades for St. Michaels Community Center

St. Michaels Community Center hosted a fundraising dance on Saturday, August 26 at the St. Michaels Inn. Tickets were $50 per person as the event was sold out. Guests of all ages were invited out for a night of music, food, and fun. A homecoming court was elected and the winners were announced at the dance. A live band performed as guests danced the night away. Justine’s, a local ice cream parlor, served delicious treats.

Congratulations to Jen Shatwell and JD, the 2017 Homecoming King and Queen.

This video is a minute long in length. For more information about St. Michaels Community Center or the Homecoming Dance, click here.

Spy Minute: Neighborhood Service Center’s Renovated Shelter

The Talbot County Neighborhood Service Center is beginning renovations to another shelter in the Easton area. The shelter will be home to 28 occupants, who will have access to programs set up by the Neighborhood Service Center to help them succeed with the next steps in their lives.

Marilyn Neal, Executive Director, sat down with the Spy to explain the future of the shelter on 36 West Street and her hopes for advancement with the Neighborhood Service Center.

This video is one minute in length. For more information on the Talbot County Neighborhood Service Center please click here

Spy Moment: It Was all Happening at the Talbot County Fair

The Talbot County Fair is back in town for another summer! The 34th annual fair, sponsored by the Maryland Agricultural Fair Board and many others, brought together events such as, a jousting competition, a horse show, bull riding, and barrel racing; along with various games and vendors.

Admission to the Talbot County Fair was $1. If you happened to miss this year’s fair, the 35th annual Talbot County Fair is scheduled for July 12th through 14th in 2018.

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Senior Nation Minute: It’s Lunchtime at the Talbot Senior Center

While the Talbot Senior Center serves a variety of purposes, including classes, workshops and physical exercise programs, its most popular is the extremely affordable ($2.50) lunch served Monday through Thursday. Dozens of senior citizens find their way to Brookletts Place during the week to enjoy a warm meal, but more importantly, the social interaction that comes with it.

The social component of the Senior Center’s lunch program is essential since many seniors find themselves isolated as a result of physical ailments or lacking  transportation. Brookletts Place has become an important outlet to interact with others, catch up on news, and learn of other resources, public and private, that can make their lives easier and more enjoyable during these golden years.

The Spy checked on the lunch program this week to witness this important community service.

This video is one minute in length. For more information please click here

Spy Minute: “Take the Helm” Boat is Launched

After seven months of vigorous construction, Take the Helm, a boat-building program designed to engage high school students with hands-on skills and a sense of community, set sail on “Inspiration.”

These students learned how to study building plans, assemble parts, and even learned a few life lessons along the way.

Jim Fodrie, the chief builder at Take the Helm, has been part of the YMCA of the Chesapeake for over ten years. “We’re building kids,” he said when asked about the program. His woodworking experience started in middle school shop classes. A genuine connection lies between himself and Take the Helm.

Adam Hollis, program director, was initially a YMCA camper. Now, he has a full time career with the Easton YMCA.

Take the Helm hopes to grow diversity in Talbot County. The program is open to all high school students in grades nine to twelve. Take the Helm is a free program for all participants. Congratulations to all who were involved with Take the Helm. Safe sailing!

This video is approximately one minute in length. For more information about “Take the Helm” please go here

Spy Scrapbook: The Juneteenth for 2017

The Academy Art Museum and Frederick Douglass Honor Society in Talbot County celebrated Juneteenth with valor and flair a few days ago.

Speakers, artists, vendors, and youth joined together to spread knowledge of what Juneteenth means to not only our community, but the nation as well. Collaborating with the Hill Project, the community learned there is a rich history all around Talbot County that makes it so special.

Visit the Academy Art Museum to view and learn more about the 1864 Sesquicentennial Maryland Emancipation Quilt, designed by Dr. Joan M.E. Gaither, an active member in local professional arts organizations documenting the lives and culture of African Americans in Maryland.

This video is two minutes in length. To find out more about Juneteenth, please go here.

Spy Minute: Talbot’s Crashbox Theatre Company with Ricky Vitanovec and Kelly Bonnette

Crashbox Theatre, a summer program directed towards Talbot County youth, illustrates the unbelievable talent in theatre arts in our community and a direct link to the professional talents of New York City.

Richard (Ricky) Vitanovec, who serves our community as theatre teacher at Easton Middle School and Easton High School, is the Executive Director ~ Crashbox Theatre Company, and works tirelessly to develop relationships in New York that transfer to direct opportunities for local youth.

The latest partnership brings Brian Michael Hoffman from the SEUSICAL Off-Broadway show, loaded with experience from touring nationally with ANNIE, and Internationally with HERCULES, THE MUSE-ICAL. He even served on the film team for ANNIE and THE WIZ LIVE with Sony Studios and NBC’s PETER PAN LIVE. Hoffman specializes in Character Voices and Improv, while teaching expertexpert technique for acting for live audiences. Having his attention on our youth opens doors for the future.

Vitanovec attracts the experts due to his earned reputation in New York City as a serious talent developer and show producer and director. He holds a master’s degree in theatre production and has directed over thirty-three productions. He further contributes to our community by acting at Church Hill Theatre, Hugh Gregory Gallagher Theatre, Tred Avon Players and the St. Michael’s Community Center

The Spy sits down with Ricky  and Kelly Bonnette, the volunteer president of Crashbox, for an exclusive on what to expect this summer for our young actors and actresses.

As they say in theatre, the show must go on!

This video is approximately two minutes in length. Find out more about Crashbox please go here.

Senior Nation: Second Senior Summit Highlights

When it comes to caring for Talbot County’s seniors, Talbot Community Connections (TCC) is leading the charge. Responsible for the second annual senior summit, held at the Talbot County Community Center; 48 vendors and sponsors informed the public on topics such as quality in-home care, dementia, and scam avoidance.The public attended workshops showing disadvantages seniors face daily, along with discussions to stay fit and healthy. Raising seven grand their first year, TCC helps fund Easton’s Child Advocacy Center.

TCC was founded in 2001, focusing on safety, health, and well-being of Talbot County children and adults. This non-profit organization receives grants allowing them to donate to the Department of Social Services for several programs including Backpacks for Children, Dad’s Class, and the Foster program. TCC envisions furthering education on senior care for their third annual senior summit but until then; they are grateful to their volunteers and sponsors who help make these events possible.

This video is approximately one minute in length. For more information about Talbot Community Connections please go here.