Easton Sidewalks: Genesis Opens its Doors Today

The Spy stumbled on some breaking news during our regular surveillance of Easton sidewalks today when we noted that the Genesis restaurant is having its grand opening today. The corner cafe at the intersection of Dover and Aurora Streets will be offering a rather unique range of cuisine by serving both Mexican and Italian options on its menu.

The Spy plans to interview the owner in the near future but in the meantime, check out some of the menu choices below.






Talbot Historical Society Project Rewind: Spotting Spiro at the Yacht Club

Do you agree this is Spiro Agnew, the 55th Governor of Maryland from Jan. 25, 1967-Jan. 7, 1969? Then he became the 39th Vice President of the United States from Jan.20; 1969 to Oct. 10, 1973 when he resigned after negotiating a plea agreement for tax evasion!! Do you recognize any of the possible Miles River Yacht Club members who are pictured greeting him that day in St. Michaels, Md. ? Photo from the H. Robins Hollyday Collection at the Talbot Historical Society.

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The Breakfast Places in Talbot County Poll Results are In

The results of the Spy’s most recent poll on the best places for breakfast in Talbot County is now complete. While Carpenter Street Saloon was the top vote getter, it was surprising how even the returns were in most cases. The only loser was the national chain Panera Bread.  And the Spy received three new names to add to the list for next year’s survey. They are Victory Garden in Easton, Robert Morris Inn in Oxford, and Crepes by the Bay in St. Michaels.




Talbot Historical Society Project Rewind: Off to the Airport

The Easton Airport/Newnam Field was built during World War II. It was Talbot County’s third airport! The first was at Ratcliffe Manor and the second at the Dorsey Webb Airport on Black Dog Alley just off of Preston Road. This Talbot Historical Society H. Robins Hollyday Collection photo appears to have been taken shortly after construction.

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A Neurosurgeon Treats a New Patient: The Chesapeake Skipjack

In this new world of redefining what “retirement” means, it probably comes as no surprise that a Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon would retire to the Eastern Shore and start an entirely new vocation related to the skipjacks of the Chesapeake Bay.

That’s precisely what Dr. Randolph George did when he eventually retired from the operating room and embarked with his brother in law, Allen Rawl, on the restoration of a skipjack named Martha Lewis.  And as Allen was doing much of the physical work on the boat, Dr. George began to explore and document the boat builder, his family and the many stories that surrounded the Martha Lewis.  It also led him on a journey to discover every remaining skipjack on the Shore.

All of this is now documented in a new book that Randy has authored entitled “Memory of the Skipjack,” published by SaltWater Media.  It not only records the unique history of the Martha Lewis but documents the fifty-two remaining of what was once a fleet of 700 iconic examples of the Chesapeake Bay’s distinctive heritage.

The Spy spent some time with the author at Bullitt House a few weeks ago to chat about the book.

This video is approximately three minutes in length. For more information or purchase “Memoir of a Skipjack” please go here 

A Younger Mentor Joins the “It Takes a Village” Team by Meredith Watters

Five years ago, newlyweds Brenda Fike and husband Scott Spector moved here to take over running her father-in-law’s Bay Imprint business in Easton. Not knowing many people at that time, Fike looked to become involved with something that suited her work schedule. When Talbot Mentor’s (TM) board member, Merrilie Ford walked into the store to order a TM banner, Fike learned about this small organization, similar to Big Brother/Big Sister, that existed in her community.

Recalling her own childhood, Fike knew it ‘takes a village’ to raise a child and she recognized that this is where she could immerse her sense of community responsibility and compassion. As a former teacher and camp counselor, Fike was well-aware that some children could benefit from a little extra time with an adult and was drawn to the one-on-one relationship she could develop.

Fike found the comfort and confidence she needed to make the commitment to a child “knowing the support Talbot Mentors provides, the initial training I received, and the TM sponsored events and activities offered.” She also felt the commitment of a couple of hours a week was flexible for her work schedule. “Going to local parks, watching Pixar films, TM sponsored events such as bowling, and other youthful activities makes me more connected to kids these days. I’ve also made new friendships through Talbot

Mentors and my mentee’s extended family network.” To Fike, “this mentorship gives me (good) distractions from the current National events and it’s a motivator to get me out of the office once a week.”

Fike teared up remembering when her eight-year-old mentee told her: “When I’m having a bad day at school I pretend you’re there with me and I think about the fun things we’ll do together when I see you.” Her mentee suggested her favorite things to do together are: “going to the parks, playing tennis, making brownies, eating at Subway, and helping me with homework.” Recently Talbot

Mentors organized horseback riding for them and they LOVED it. When asked her favorite thing about Fike, she said with a warm, loving smile “the sparkles in her eyes and her smile. Oh, and her dog.”

Fike has enjoyed the past two years watching her mentee’s growth and developing maturity. Reflecting on her experience thus far, Fike says, “I thought being a Mentor would be all about me giving…but, it’s not one-sided. I’ve enjoyed finding friendship.”

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, Talbot Mentors needs you. You can help in many ways:

  • Become a mentor to a child who would really benefit from a positive role model.
  • Donate and help achieve the goal of offering every mentee a camp experience.
  • Volunteer to teach the children your special talent or hobby.

Meredith Watters is a mentor and member of Board of Directors. To learn about Talbot Mentors, please attend our next monthly Information Session on Wednesday, April 11th at 4:30pm. Info sessions take place at the Eastern Shore Land Conservancy Building located at 114 S Washington St. in Easton. You can also visit our website and apply to become a mentor at http://talbotmentors.org/apply, or call our office at 410-770-5999.


Talbot Historical Society Project Rewind: Its March Madness Time

The Basketball season is winding down! Easton High School’s 1931 Basketball team members were partially named in the Talbot Historical Society database as : Back row ( L to R) Homer Bast, Pete Councel, Charles Reed, Mason Sheehan and Gus Koste. Front row ( L to R) John North, Sam Meintzer, Walter Claggett? Maybe one of your relatives was a member of that team?? Photo from the H. Robins Hollyday Collection at the Talbot Historical Society.

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Easton Sidewalks: Where do Spy Readers get their Morning Coffee

Last week the Spy commented on the much-appreciated fact that Easton had seen four new or planned coffee shops coming online in town. As part of that article, we started an unscientific experiment in polling our readers on where they get their morning brew.After a week of input, we thought we would share the results:

It shouldn’t be surprising that Rise Up, now the grand old man of Easton’s coffeehouses, took the lead in our survey, but we were surprised by Evergrain’s positive showing after only one months of being open, as well as noted the growing awareness that Piazza was a good place cappuccino these days as well as Italian sandwiches and salads. It was only the new Weather Gage which seemed to be slow starter so far. We also got a few votes for Breakfast in Easton.

Speaking of which, next month, it will be the breakfast places of Talbot County.

Spy Minute: St Patty’s on Harrison Street

Even with rain threatening and cloudy skies, the Irish of Talbot County, or those who are Irish for the day, gathered for the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade on Harrison Street on Saturday. The Spy gathered with friends at the Tidewater Inn outdoor patio to view the festivities with Irish Coffee and corned beef and potatoes and an excellent view of the county’s high school marching bands, fire trucks, in a sea of green that celebrates the Irish and all of us.

The Spy caught a few moments of the festivities.

This video is approximately one minute in length

Talbot Historical Society Project Rewind: Checking out Easton Point

Talbot County, A History by Dickson J. Preston 1983 states, “In 1794 Town (Easton, Md.) control was extended to the public road leading down to Cow Landing ( Easton Point) and to the wharf which had been built at private expense there.” Enjoy this Talbot Historical Society H. Robins Hollyday photo of Easton Point! A lot has changed but some of the old homes remain! Contact:Cathy Hill cvhill@atlanticbb.net to share your old photos. Comment, Like our page and join THS!