Spy Minute: Neighborhood Service Center’s Renovated Shelter

The Talbot County Neighborhood Service Center is beginning renovations to another shelter in the Easton area. The shelter will be home to 28 occupants, who will have access to programs set up by the Neighborhood Service Center to help them succeed with the next steps in their lives.

Marilyn Neal, Executive Director, sat down with the Spy to explain the future of the shelter on 36 West Street and her hopes for advancement with the Neighborhood Service Center.

This video is one minute in length. For more information on the Talbot County Neighborhood Service Center please click here

Port Street Plan Study Starts to Look at Affordable Housing

While it is too early to have any concrete ideas on the table as to how a Port Street Master Plan might look, the Easton Economic Development Corporation (EEDC) took a few important steps over the last three days to start this important visioning process with a special focus on affordable housing.

Through a series of workshops and discussion sessions, the EEDC, working in collaboration with Place, a nonprofit organization specializing in affordable live-work design, began to solicit ideas from a variety of stakeholders on how the Port Street Plan could include innovative ideas on how to accomplish this important goal.

One important aspect of this planning process is to understand what other communities, both large and small, are finding creative solutions to housing needs. And that is where Place’s executive director Chris Velasco helped at Wednesday night’s community meeting at the Talbot County Free Library in Easton when he shared with his nonprofit has done with a variety of different projects throughout the United States.

The Spy was there to capture some of those inspiring examples that Chris highlighted.

This video is approximately twenty minutes in length. For more information about the Port Street Project and the Easton Economic Development Corporation please go here.

Port Street Conversations: The Issue of Noise Worry Residents as Annexation Plans are Considered

As part of the process of gaining community input on the possible annexation of properties Port Street project, the Easton Town Council spent a good bit of their time on Monday night listening to community comments on potential noise problems that may result in the annexing and commercialization of properties on Port Street that would have outdoor amplification for concerts and other events.

As noted by Council President John Ford, the responsibility of the Council that evening was to “listen and consider,” all possible positions before approving the annexation proposal.

The public comment phase of the process will be continued at the next Council meeting.

This video is approximately eighteen minutes in length. To watch this entire meeting, please click here to watch on TV-98 at http://streams.tv-98.com/

The Port Street Conversations: Annexing 6.5 Acres at Easton Point

As part of the Spy’s interest in the Port Street Master Plan proposed by the Easton Economic Development Corporation, we overheard last week’s Talbot County Council public hearing on the proposed annexation and rezoning of approximately 6.5 acres at Easton Point of this important waterfront location.

At issue was for the County’s possible decision to waive an existing five year hold on the use of those properties as well as rezone the parcels as “general commercial” which some believe may open the door for unintended development of retail and residential use.

This video is approximately 38 minutes in length. To watch this entire meeting, please click here to watch on TV-98 at http://streams.tv-98.com/


The Port Street Conversations: The Big Picture with Easton Economic Development Corporation’s Tracy Ward

Given the extraordinarily positive impact a successfully executed development plan for Port Street and Easton Point would have on Talbot County, the Spy begins a four part series on the recently completed draft authored by the Easton Economic Development Corporation. We start with an overview of the plan and the motivation behind the Easton Town Council’s desire a comprehensive overview of what can be done to finally connect Easton’s downtown with its waterfront access at the foot of Port Street.

All told, using a combination of public and private funding, a redeveloped Port Street corridor and Easton Point waterfront on the Tred Avon River would cost about $250 million. That’s the current figure that Tracy Ward, director of the Easton Economic Development Corporation, uses in describing the costs connected to one of the most ambitious urban renewal projects ever undertaken on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

In her Spy interview, Tracy walks us through the two year effort to develop the 200 page comprehensive plan, its current findings and recommendations, and the lengthy process in seeking community consensus, Talbot County corporation, and private investment to make this a reality over the next twenty years.

Ward is quick to point out that the document remains a dynamic one, able to change and adjust with citizen input, but allows the community to see a big, if hypothetical, master plan which could lead to a transformational and economically enhancing new future for the heart of Talbot County.

This video is approximately fifteen minutes in length. For a copy of the complete report and planning document, a pdf version is available here.


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