Spy Minute: Londonderry Toasts 25th Year Anniversary

It’s always a great moment when a respected community turns 25 years old. That quarter-century mark is one of the best indicators that the organization being celebrated has reached a point of maturity which promises a long healthy life to come, and there is no better example of this than Londonderry on the Tred Avon birthday bash this week.

While Londonderry has always had a sense of rock-solid stability, mainly since has been anchored by a 19th century Gothic Revival manor house, with now over 97 cottages and 26 apartments along the Tred Avon River, it is also true that for the first ten years of its existence, the then revolutionary new retirement community struggled against many odds to keep from closing, including revised partnership agreements, legal entanglements, and more recently, the unchartered waters that came with the Great Recession of 2008.

All of that is now ancient history as Londonderry is currently experiencing a waiting list for future residents, expanding its cottages and adding a large clubhouse this year.

As David Hazen said at the end of his comprehensive history of Londonderry noted, “Londonderry On The Tred Avon, nee The Retirement Community of Easton, Inc., can face the future knowing that it has been a great home for its residents of the past, while looking forward to being an even greater one for those of the future.”

The Spy was there a few nights ago to capture the scene as residents and friends gathered to toast Londonderry and its future.

This video is approximately two minutes in length. For more information about Londonderry on the Tred Avon please go here


Dr. Terry Detrich Joins Bratton Neurocognitive Clinic at Bayleigh Chase

Integrace Bayleigh Chase, a forward-thinking life plan community based in Easton, announces that Terry Detrich, M.D. is joining the Samuel and Alexia Bratton Neurocognitive Clinic on October 2. A neurologist who has practiced in the local community for over 40 years, Dr. Detrich will be joining medical director Allan Anderson, M.D. and nurse practitioner Yvonne Liswell on the clinic team, as it expands its services to provide a more comprehensive approach to supporting families on Maryland’s Eastern Shore living with Alzheimer’s Disease and other neurocognitive impairments.

The addition of Dr. Detrich signifies the clinic’s evolution from traditional memory care to a more advanced and holistic neurocognitive model of care. This model not only focuses on diagnosing and treating impairments associated with memory, but also disorders that present in all five cognitive domains of the brain, including changes in language, motor skills, balance, visual/spatial perception and executive functions.

Dr. Detrich’s specialty in neurology, in collaboration with Dr. Anderson’s specialty in geriatric psychiatry, enables clinic patients to benefit from a multi-disciplinary team utilizing the most advanced diagnostic tools and treatments. Each patient receives a comprehensive evaluation to obtain an accurate and detailed diagnosis, followed by a thorough care plan to optimize quality of life for every individual and their family.

“We are happy and honored to welcome Dr. Terry Detrich to our clinic team, as his expertise and well-respected reputation are unparalleled in our region,” said Allan Anderson, M.D., medical director, the Samuel and Alexia Bratton Neurocognitive Clinic. “It is our priority to continue to expand the services we provide to our greater community, and ensure that families on Maryland’s Eastern Shore have access to the most advanced diagnostics and therapies to help those living with not just memory loss, but all forms of neurocognitive changes.”

“I am thrilled to be working with Dr. Anderson and the Bayleigh Chase team. This is an exciting new direction in my professional career that will allow me to continue to provide care to the greater community in a high-quality patient and caregiver environment,” said Terry Detrich, M.D.

The Samuel and Alexia Bratton Neurocognitive Clinic is located within the Integrace Bayleigh Chase community at 545 Cynwood Lane in Easton. The clinic evaluates individuals on an outpatient basis. For more information or to request an evaluation, please call 410-820-5191.

Located on a 35-acre campus in historic Easton, Bayleigh Chase is a not-for-profit life plan community that affords residents a lifestyle of flexibility and choice to live life on their own terms. Bayleigh Chase offers independent living options in its villas, cottages and apartment homes, as well as a continuum of supportive living services, including assisted living, memory support, outpatient and short-term rehabilitation, skilled nursing and diagnostic and treatment support through the Samuel and Alexia Bratton Neurocognitive Clinic. For more information, please call 410-763-7167 or visit www.bayleighchase.org.

Londonderry Employees to Become Habitat Homebuyers

Two employees of Londonderry on the Tred Avon are on the path to realizing their dream of owning a home thanks to Habitat for Humanity Choptank and the assistance of one of Londonderry’s residents.

Shavonte Green and Duval Mills both learned about Habitat for Humanity when representatives from the organization visited Londonderry to talk employees and fill them in on the process of becoming a homeowner.

“It felt like a good option for me,” Mills, head waiter at Londonderry, said. “I’m very excited.”

Green and Mills were both able to learn a little more about Habitat from Londonderry resident Lari Caldwell, who’s volunteered with the program for about a decade. A former social worker, she serves on Habitat for Humanity Choptank Homebuyer Selection Committee, helping to look into applicants’ backgrounds and choose good candidates for the program.

Shavonte Green and Duval Mills are each pictured with Londonderry resident Lari Caldwell and a representative of Habitat for Humanity Choptank.

Though she recused herself from the committee in this case, she’s done what she can to encourage them both along.

“I did promote them as responsible young people who would do well as candidates for Habitat,” Caldwell said. “They’re both very pleasant and personable, and I think this will be wonderful for both of them.”

According to Habitat for Humanity Choptank, applicants must be free of outstanding collectible debt before closing, save for closing costs,pay an affordable mortgage for the cost of the home, and assume responsibility for maintaining the home, and for paying home owners insurance and property taxes. The biggest piece of the process is the completion of 300-400 “sweat equity” hours — essentially volunteer service to the program.

“Our philosophy is about building neighborhoods and helping people to live their best life in their communities,” Caldwell said. “We really want to assure that the people that come into our program really want to be there.”

Green and Mills are still early in the process, but are very much looking forward to going through it. In fact, Caldwell says Mills has already done many of many of his sweat equity hours despite just being approved by Habitat.

“He’s really, very motivated,” Caldwell said. “I’m very proud of both of them for doing what they have to take this step in life.”

Londonderry on the Tred Avon is an intimate residential cooperative community for adults ages 62 and up, offering a variety of housing options from convenient apartments to spacious cottages among 29 acres, including 1500 feet of waterfront shoreline. For more information, visit www.londonderrytredavon.com.

The Queens of Washington Street: The Drag Race for Talbot Hospice

It’s safe to say that Washington Street never gets campier in a given year than during the annual Talbot Hospice Drag Race. Ten or so men in full drag take to the streets of Easton in September to win the support of blue-ribbon judges on their wardrobe and charm.

Its also a wonderful way for the community to support the work of the greatly respected Talbot Hospice, which has helped so many families on the Mid-Shore with end of life support and treatment.

The Spy was there to catch some of the fun.

This video is approximately five minutes in length.  For more information on Talbot Hospice please go here 

Integrace Bayleigh Chase Partners with 50K Souls for Hurricane Harvey Relief

Residents and colleagues at Integrace Bayleigh Chase, a forward-thinking life plan community based in Easton, recently participated in an effort to help with the Hurricane Harvey recovery effort in Houston, Texas. Working with non-profit organization 50K Souls, Bayleigh Chase representatives collected blankets, diapers, pillows, sheets, clothes, toiletries and other items that will be sent to families in Texas who were affected by the devastating floods.

“When we heard about this opportunity with 50K Souls, our team at Bayleigh Chase quickly began gathering items to lend our support to their effort,” said Sherri Sump Brown, Director of Sales & Marketing, Integrace Bayleigh Chase.

Pictured L-R: Sherri Sump Brown, Integrace Bayleigh Chase; Raymond Farrare, Jubilee Christian Fellowship and Lost Kings Outreach; Madison Copeland, 50K Souls; P.J. Wilson, Integrace Bayleigh Chase; Joanne Copper, Integrace Bayleigh Chase; Lisa Baynard, Integrace Bayleigh Chase; and Mandel Copeland, 50K Souls.

50K Souls networks with churches and other faith-based organizations to promote change and love in communities across the country. The non-profit is currently involved in projects in 13 states. As part of its mission, 50K Souls members visit families door-to-door to offer nutritional food as well as spiritual support.

“One of the states we are currently active in is Texas, which allowed us to make the connection and go directly to the problem,” Mandel Copeland, a member of 50K Souls, said of the organization’s campaign to help deliver needed items to Hurricane Harvey victims.

Located on a 35-acre campus in historic Easton, Bayleigh Chase is a not-for-profit life plan community that affords residents a lifestyle of flexibility and choice to live life on their own terms. Bayleigh Chase offers independent living options in its villas, cottages and apartment homes, as well as a continuum of supportive living services, including assisted living, memory support, outpatient and short-term rehabilitation, skilled nursing and diagnostic and treatment support through the Samuel and Alexia Bratton Memory Clinic. For more information, please call 410-763-7167 or visit www.bayleighchase.org.

About Integrace

Integrace is a forward-thinking non-profit organization that strives to ignite in all people the passion for meaningful living. Integrace oversees a family of vibrant retirement communities throughout Maryland, including Bayleigh Chase in Easton, Buckingham’s Choice in Adamstown, and Fairhaven in Sykesville. Integrace is also a nationally-recognized leader in the art of dementia care, with the Sykesville-based Copper Ridge community and Integrace Institute, as well as two memory clinics in Easton and Sykesville, serving as catalysts to a profound shift in how we perceive, and relate to, those living with dementia. Integrace communities provide a continuum of services to support both residents and the greater community, including assisted living, skilled nursing, short-term rehabilitation and more. Each of these innovative programs focuses on person-centered living, honoring the abilities, possibilities and authenticity of each individual. For more information, please visit Integrace.org.

Aging Safely With Technology

Are you aware of all of the products that are available to help you or your loved one age safely at home?  Local vendors will be on hand to showcase and answer your questions, 3 p.m. – 5 p.m., Thursday, September 21 at Brookletts Place Talbot County Senior Center.  The program, which is sponsored by the Talbot County Commission on Aging, will begin with keynote speakers, Cynthia Prud’homme, Education Coordinator, Alzheimer’s Association Greater Maryland Chapter and Caregiver Ray VanHorn.

Ms. Prud’homme will provide an overview of the Alzheimer’s Association website, which has lots of information and articles on caregiving issues, as well as technological advances.

Mr. VanHorn, who has been his wife’s caregiver for four years, will talk about his experience as a caregiver and how the GizmoGadget has helped in his caregiving responsibilities.  Mr. VanHorn is very active with the Alzheimer’s Association and the Bayleigh Chase Support Group.  He also volunteers with SCORE, Habitat for Humanity Choptank and enjoys photography.

Evan Kelley, Annapolis Healthcare Supply will be available to discuss Alert Sentry, which is a personal emergency response system that provides safety at the push of a button.  Alert Sentry has both mobile and home devices, which not only give the user peace of mind in case of an emergency, but also their family members are assured the user will receive the proper help they require.

Maryland Relay, part of the Maryland Department of Information Technology, is a free public service that offers a variety of calling options and equipment solutions designed for those who have difficulty using a standard phone.  From amplified phones to tablets, there are many equipment options available today that can make it easier to make and receive calls.  Renate Buttrum, Maryland Captioned Telephone Outreach Coordinator, will be available to show and discuss the various options with you.

Personal Response Program Facilitator, Kim Honeycutt of the University of Maryland Shore Home Care, will display and answer questions regarding Phillips Lifeline products.  They include the Basic, Wireless and GoSafe units including AutoAlert, with advanced and effective fall detection technology.

Alexandra Duff-Hughes, MPH, CPH, CHES, Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention Supervisor for the Talbot County Health Department will have safe medication storage and disposal tools, as well as educational resources.

We also expect to have representatives from the Division of Rehabilitation Services for Maryland and the Maryland Technology Assistance Program.  This presentation is free and open to the public especially caregivers.  Please contact Brookletts Place Talbot County Senior Center at brookletts@uppershoreaging.org or 410-822-2869 to preregister for this program.

Profiles in Philanthropy: Trey Rider Joins Hospice’s Drag Race for the Women in his Life

While Trey Rider, a former lacrosse player, and now busy real estate executive at Meredith Fine Properties, might seem to be one of the most least likely candidates for Talbot Hospice’s annual crossdressing Drag Race, the more you listen to his rationale for becoming involved, you realize how surprisingly appropriate it is for him to don a dress and high heels on September 24.

For Trey, supporting Hospice started early. From elementary school forward, he would help his mother, Peggy Rider, in setting up the Tidewater Inn’s ballroom for the popular Festival of Trees fundraiser for Talbot Hospice. And while he didn’t have a full understanding of what Hospice was when they started their mother-son volunteer work, over the years the importance of that cause began to sink in.

That early awareness came in handy several years later when he and his wife, Kari, faced the early and profoundly sad passing of his close friend and mother-in-law, Jan Pinkerton. And it was during Jan’s care through Talbot Hospice that Trey was reacquainted with how important it is for end of life support.

The Spy talked to Trey at the Bullitt House last week about his decision to join the Hospice Drag Race and his effort to raise $10,000 for Talbot Hospice, or even more if he can find the right dress.

This video is approximately three minutes in length. To support Trey Rider in in Talbot Hospice Drag Race please go here.  Trey will also be guest bartending at Brasserie Brightwell on Thursday September the 21 starting at 5 pm.

Senior Nation: Finding the Unexpected at Londonderry

When Beatrice Conrad met Richard Robertson, finding a husband was the last thing she expected.

Bea and Dick Robertson are pictured in 2014 on a cruise to the Bahamas

An Easton native and resident of Londonderry on the Tred Avon since 2006, Bea spent her life as a nurse, serving with the United States Air Force for 12 years and in the Veterans Administration Hospital for 22. Dick, a pilot by trade and native of New Jersey, came to Londonderry six or seven years after her.

For a time, Bea and Dick never crossed paths — she attended dinners in Londonderry’s Tred Avon Tavern, while he favored lunch. But one evening, when a mutual friend brought Dick to dinner with him and the three shared a table, things changed.
“He started coming every night (after that),” Bea said. Shortly after they met, Dick asked Bea on a lunch date to Ocean City.

“I about fell out of the chair,” Bea said. “It took me by surprise, it really did.”

Not long after the first date, Bea and Dick were officially a couple — spending every day together enjoying each other’s company and doing quite a bit of traveling during their five years together. The couple visited Syracuse, New York; Williamsburg, Va.; and Hershey, Pa. — “and then the cruises started,” Bea said. They also bought a condo in Sarasota, Fla., splitting their months between Florida and Londonderry for about two years.

The next big step for Bea and Dick came on March 7 of this year, when Bea finally agree to marry Dick.

“He asked me over and over early on, but I’d been single all my life and I just couldn’t see any reason for it” Bea said. “Finally, when we got back this past February from Florida, he said ‘It’s time to get married,’ and I said, ‘Oh, what the hell; why not?’”

Ultimately, their marriage was to be short lived — Dick passed away on May 12 of this year. But Bea has no regrets.


“Even now that it’s more or less all over, I still feel that when he came to the table that first time … I was plucked up and taken out of my routine life,” Bea said. “I was in a different world — a very enjoyable world, I might say. “It was a very unexpected love story on my part. You just never expect that”

Londonderry on the Tred Avon is an intimate residential cooperative community for adults ages 62 and up, offering a variety of housing options from convenient apartments to spacious cottages among 29 acres, including 1500 feet of waterfront shoreline. For more information, visit www.londonderrytredavon.com.

Nice: Bayleigh Chase Completes 3rd School Supply Drive

Bayleigh Chase, a forward-thinking life plan community based in Easton, recently completed its third annual school supply drive.

Community residents, colleagues and families collected school supplies throughout the month of August. The donated items were delivered to Easton Elementary School – Moton on September 6. Pictured (left to right): Pam Kunz, Bayleigh Chase Residency Counselor; Anne Ryan Neary, Bayleigh Chase Resident; Students of Easton Elementary – Moton; Sherry Bowen, Principal at Easton Elementary – Moton; Sherri Brown, Bayleigh Chase Director of Sales & Marketing.

AARP Looking for Tax-Aide Volunteers

With the help of volunteers, AARP Midshore Tax-Aide offers free tax-filing help to those who need it most. We’re looking for compassionate and friendly individuals to join our team of local volunteers in Talbot, Caroline, Queen Anne’s and Kent counties for the upcoming tax season.

This year we are experiencing a large growth in our program and need several NEW volunteers in all four counties. You’ll receive training and continued support in a welcoming environment. Ask any current volunteer with our program and they will readily share with you how easy it is to volunteer and learn new skills. Our program helps many different people including seniors, people with disabilities, those with moderate incomes and those with limited English skills.

Here are five good reasons to consider becoming a Tax Aide volunteer.
No previous experience is required. Volunteers receive specialized training.
Volunteers are also needed who have a second language to aid in translation.
Tax Aide use IRS based training materials providing free tax law training.
The hours are flexible. Volunteers generally serve an average of one day a week from the beginning of February until the tax filing deadline date.
As a volunteer, you become part of a program that has helped thousands of people locally prepare federal and state income tax returns. It’s people helping people, it’s that simple.

Not only are tax preparers needed this year, be we also have openings for client facilitator. In this position you welcome the taxpayer, help organize their paper work and manage the overall flow of service.

Skilled in all things digital? Become a technology coordinator with us. This position manages computer equipment, ensures taxpayer data security and provides technical assistance to volunteers at multiple sites.

Interested, join our Mid Shore team today! Apply at aarpfoundation.org/taxaide or call 1-888-AARP-NOW