The State of New Immigrants on the Mid-Shore


Ever since there’s been a new administration in charge in Washington, the issue of legal and illegal immigration has once again become a complicated issue for not only the country but small communities like Easton and Chestertown on the Mid-Shore. And no one is perhaps in a better position to comment on this current environment then Matthew Peters, director of the Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center. Since the Center was formed in 2012, Matt and his colleagues have been on the frontline working with individuals and families to acclimate and adjust to a new country under tough circumstances.

Given the potential for significant changes in immigration laws under the Trump administration, we wanted to check in with Matt about the currents state of affairs.

This video is approximately twelve minutes in length. For more information about the Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center please go here

Letters to Editor

  1. Elizabeth Baer says:

    When the interviewee has had his financial source of supporting his family taken away by someone here illegally, that would be the time to hear his point of view.

    Mr. Peters maintains that anyone who doesn’t agree with having illegal people stealing into our country is just racist – end of discussion – he knows this for a fact. He maintains that illegals are victims. They are not victims. They have willingly stolen into our community, then use our services and suck the resources they need, all the while taking our life-supporting jobs. They keep the wages down. Those that pay taxes don’t pay enough to come close to the cost of taking care of them. If someone breaks into your house, uses all your utilities, requires you to hire an interpreter, gives you their hospital bills to pay and all the rest ….would you be ok with that?

    People want to tell me that I must condone and support illegal activity. Do these people understand the rule of law? I understand that I am not above the law, yet if you are talking about illegals, then all of a sudden these “good hearted” citizens are maintaining that they are allowed to “cherry pick” which laws they will have obeyed.

    Sounds like the same thing coming from the new regime in our government, all the fabulously wealthy business tycoons and robber barons of our time. And no, the people who hire illegals are not right in doing so,

    The bosses say they need them to get the job done. I have yet to talk to a boss that didn’t have their full load of human capabilities at their disposal. They just want to make “more” money… faster. The “Right to Lifers” insist that they have the right to force someone to have a child they do not want and can’t support: and then, tell me that I am forced to pay for their “rightness”…then I don’t see them as any worse than a Liberal who tells me that I must support anyone who wants to steal into my house because they believe it is the humane thing to do in their “rightness” viewpoint. So here is how it stands… I am getting it from both ends… having to pay for the rich lying, cheating thieves at the top and the lying, cheating thieves at the bottom.

    I don’t think I need to tell you how I feel …pretty _____, and tossed about by all the people who know what is ‘Right.”

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