Dedication & Acknowledgments

Rogers C.B. Morton (1914-1979)
Talbot County Business Leader, Congressman, Secretary of the Interior, and fine Boat Builder

For his love of the Chesapeake Bay and teaching the region the importance of reaching across aisle to protect its future.

Rogers C.B. Morton



The Talbot Spy is the result of an intensive six month research and strategic planning process.  The publisher wishes to acknowledge those whose knowledge, support, encouragement and humor were invaluable, in times past and present, in the creation of this publication.

Ladd Bauer, Kessler Burnett, Kimball Byron, Hannah Byron, Douglass & Libby Cater, Liddy Campbell, Alex & Kelly Castro, Jeff Chaffin, Meredith Davies Hadaway, C. Colton & Marion Daughaday, Bob & Kathy Day, John Devins, Mark Devins, Jim Dissette, Michael Grove, Andy Goddard, David Hackett, Robert Hackett, Steve Hamblin, Anne Hector, Matt Hogans, Trams Hollingsworth, Anne & John Jelich, Kathleen Jones, Kurt Kolaja, Robin Kurowski, Kitsy Lee, Sherry Magill, Daniel Menefee, Carla Massoni, Nancy Wheelan Metzloff, John Moag, Peter Newlin, Nancy and John Nunn, Nancy Robson, Bob & Sarah Polk, Edwin & Eleanor Popper, Richard Slaughter, Bill Shepard, Lynn Wheelan Smith, Larry Sprague, Bill Thompson, Sylvia Timbers, Douglas Wanken, Irving R. Wechsler, Marion Daughaday Wechsler, Tim Wechsler, Jonathan Weiss, and Latham & Virginia Daughaday Wheelan.



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