Habitat: Forbes Says Easton is One of Five Best Places for Vacation Home

Talbot County has once again made it onto a Forbes list. This time around, they are calling Easton one of the top five places to have a vacation home.

The reasons they cite include, “crazy low property taxes, year round culture, a farm-to-table foodie scene that gets better every year, water everywhere, and a level of celebrity discretion that’s on par with the Hamptons.”

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Letter to the Editor: Vote on Tuesday as If Your Life Depended on It

Vote on Tuesday as ff your life depended on it.

Because it does. Especially if you believe:

That Democracy requires checks and balances on the Party and President in power.
That monopolies and “dictatorships” without accountability are dangerous.
That Character and Values like honesty, civility, and moral courage matter.
That Servant Leadership..putting “ Country and all Americans above Party and self” is needed now more than ever.

Then, we need to vote Tuesday for the one democrat who can beat harris in the fall….Jesse Colvin. ( Disclosure: I am an Independent who registered as a Democrat to vote for Jesse)

Jesse stands out among the ‘New Generation of Leaders’, who:

* As an Army Ranger who served four tours in Afghanistan, ran toward problems and led his team to solve them together. Jesse will put “Country above self”.

* Leads with rare Moral Courage as exemplified by exposing illegal dealings on Wall Street as a business leader. Jesse will do the right thing no matter how difficult.

*Has proven commitment to children and all vulnerable Americans with his focus on Health Care and Medicare for All, Equal Rights for Women, a Stronger Safety Net for Seniors and Veterans , and serious Gun Violence Reforms. Jesse will not stand idle while precious school kids are needlessly killed or terrified toddlers are taken from their refugee mothers.

* In very important ways, Jesse stands for justice..for all citizens not just the elite. And Colvin equates to character..his entire life has been value-based.

Vote for justice and character on Tuesday. Vote for Jesse Colvin.

….because our lives depend on it.

Johnny O’Brien


Letter to the Editor: Where is Andy Harris on the Border Crisis?

This has gone on long enough. The Trump Administration has been separating parents from their children because they have chosen to criminally prosecute refugees who are applying for asylum.  This policy has created outrage from all living former first ladies, including Mrs. Bush, Mrs. Carter, and Mrs. Clinton.  Even Melania Trump has spoken and advocates for “a country that governs with heart.”  It violates U.S. and International law. Numerous Congressmen, Republicans and Democrats alike, protest a policy which can cause young children serious psychological damage. This is in sharp contrast to Secretary of Homeland Security Nielsen, who claims the children are “well taken care of.” Listening to tapes of children crying, “Mommy, Mommy,” contradicts Nielsen’s glib comments.

According to Steve Miller, senior advisor to the President, this policy is designed to put pressure on members of Congress reluctant to grant the Administration a legislative victory on immigration. It’s also hoped it will deter refugees from seeking asylum, although this has not worked in the past. The Administration just does not consider the harm being done to the children in the name of political leverage.

This is all so unnecessary. Both the Bush and the Obama Administrations provided facilities for families seeking asylum. Applying for asylum is not a criminal act, and in the past families were not prosecuted when they turned themselves into the Border Patrol.  Because they were not viewed as criminals, families were allowed to stay together. Under the Trump Administration, families seeking asylum are criminally prosecuted, giving the Administration a legal excuse to separate families. As a result, over 2,300 children have been separated from their parents during April and May, many times more than in either the Obama or Bush administrations.

Amid the cries of outrage at Trump’s shameful policy, our very own Congressman Andy Harris has said –  nothing.  By telephone, his office said they were not qualified to answer a question on a complex issue such as immigration and referred me to Harris’ website.  The website is silent on the subject of children being taken from their mothers. It is clear that Harris, along with many Republicans in Congress, simply does not have the guts to stand up to an immoral President. Please contact Harris and let him know what you think.  I hope we can replace Harris with someone with more backbone in November.

Carl Widell
St. Michaels


Spiritual Medium Returns to the Eastern Shore

Roland Comtois, Internationally acclaimed Spiritual Medium, Grief Specialist, best-selling Author, and Inspirational Speaker returns to the Eastern Shore after Sold Out Channeling events in June and November last year in Easton and St. Michaels. On June 23rd and June 26th he will offer two channeling/messaging events as well as a new event “The Sacred Awakening” on June 24th, and a Free Meet & Greet event in St. Michaels at Simpatico, Italy’s Finest. All events are open to the public.

Attendees to Roland’s events last year were amazed with his abilities to connect to loved ones and share powerful messages with specific information that the attendee could understand, and often times he clearly changed people’s lives after hearing the messages. Everyone who attended left with a greater understanding of the afterlife and communicating with your loved ones, and some received one of Roland’s signature Purple Papers.

These Purple Papers are documented messages Roland receives daily in meditation and pre-transcribed messages that bring peace and comfort beyond words to the recipients. The Purple Papers truly set Roland apart from others in his field. Examples of the Purple Papers are shown here:

Messages from past events in St. Michaels and Easton included helping a couple who lost their young daughter two months ago, someone who had lost two brothers from drug use (who also received a purple paper), sharing with a mother what he was feeling about whether a son had committed suicide or had an accident ( she also got a purple paper), apology messages from a mother to a son who had waited a lifetime to hear and many messages from mothers, fathers, and grandmothers, all full of love and hope.

For these June events, Roland will again be providing messages, addressing how to remain connected with your loved ones who have passed, dealing with grief, and the eternity of love. Roland’s following includes a global audience of all faiths and ages who look to him for affirmation that love is eternal, that heaven exists and spiritual connections are possible in every moment of time. Random attendees to the events will receive sacred messages from their loved ones, and some may also receive a Purple Paper.

Roland’s mission is all about eternal love and hope and helping people to take steps moving forward with their lives with the understanding their loved ones are always connected to them. The events are a compelling experience to those who have suffered loss to find strength through the love they shared. Roland is dedicated to helping people recognize that life – and love – do not end when someone passes.

The schedule for the channeling “Validating the Afterlife: Messages of Hope and Love” events and the other non-channeling events are as follows:

Saturday, June 23rd – Channeling Event: St. Michaels Community Center is the sponsor at the St. Michaels Inn, from 7 PM to 9 PM, tickets available through www.rolandcomtois.net under Events. $45.

Sunday, June 24th – A free Meet and Greet at Simpatico, Italy’s Finest in St Michaels from 1 PM to 3 PM, Roland will sign books, talk about the annual Spiritual and Cultural Italy Group Trip he co-hosts with Bobbi Parlett of Simpatico, Italy’s Finest and the Purple Papers. For information call 610-209-5409.

Sunday, June 24th – A new event “The Sacred Awakening: A Circle of Intention, Healing and Love at the St. Michaels Community Center 7 to 8:30 PM. $35 for tickets purchased at www.rolandcomtois.net before 6/18, $45 thereafter.

Tuesday, June 26th – Channeling Event: Evergreen Easton Point, Easton from 6:30 to 8:30 PM, tickets available through www.rolandcomtois.net under Events. $45.

Roland will also be signing copies of his page-turner books: ‘And Then There Was Heaven’, and ’16 Minutes’ after all events. For questions about the events call Bobbi Parlett on 610-209-5409. Roland’s Facebook page is under Roland M. Comtois Public Figure.

Former Governor Ehrlich To Attend Book Signing In Easton

Former Governor Bob Ehrlich will be the special guest at a book signing luncheon sponsored by the Republican Central Committee of Talbot County.

The luncheon will be held on Wednesday June 20 at noon at Scossa Restaurant on Washington Street in downtown Easton. Cost to attend is $35.00 per person which includes lunch and a complimentary personally signed copy of Governor Ehrlich’s latest book — Bet You Didn’t See That One Coming.

Bet You Didn’t See That One Coming is Governor Ehrlich’s analysis of the unexpected election of Donald Trump, the earth-shattering and ongoing changing of the guard in Washington, how it’s turned establishment politics on its head, and what it all means for the future of the nation.

It includes a recap of Governor Ehrlich’s efforts on behalf of the 2016 Trump campaign to successfully reengage “Reagan Democrats” in several key blue states that were thought to be the path to the White House for Hillary Clinton.

To RSVP for this event, email the names of attendees to Charlene Marcum at silverstar95@verizon.net. Payment in cash or by check made payable to RCCTC will be accepted at the doors. All proceeds from this event as well as additional voluntary contributions at the event will benefit the Republican Central Committee’s 2018 Campaign Headquarters.

Benedictine receives $150,000 from Weinberg Foundation

 The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation is supporting adults with developmental disabilities who live and work on Maryland’s Mid-Shore through a $150,000 grant. This two-year grant will help fund and expand Benedictine’s adult programs and services.

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation is one of the largest private charitable foundations in the U.S., assisting low-income and vulnerable individuals and families through nonprofit grants to direct-service providers. Benedictine offers programs and services that support more than 100 adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities including autism, through its main campus in Ridgely, Md., a community office in Easton, Md., and area group homes.

Benedictine’s adult services range from in-home support and care, to employment, volunteer, community and meaningful day programming. Benedictine offers training and work opportunities at its Ridgely campus, and has established relationships with more than 100 community employers and training partners.

The Benedictine Community Services and Training Center in Easton serves adults and students through a partnership with the Maryland Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS). Through this partnership, Benedictine finds unique ways to provide classroom training and employment field experiences relating to specific vocations.

“At Benedictine, we are dedicated to providing opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to gain competitive, integrated employment, community volunteerism, and meaningful life experiences,” said Beth Mathis, director of Benedictine’s Adult Services. “In addition, those supported have opportunities to plan and participate in community, leisure, and recreation activities of their choice.”

“We at Benedictine are always looking to expand our network of community partners and employers,” Mathis said. “Our mission is ‘Helping children and adults with developmental disabilities achieve their greatest potential.’ We thank the Weinberg Foundation for helping us to fulfill this mission.”

Salisbury Mayor Jake Day Endorses Jesse Colvin for 1st District Race

Salisbury Mayor Jake Day announced his endorsement of Jesse Colvin’s campaign for the Democratic nomination in the 1st Congressional District election on Thursday night.

“Jesse Colvin is not only going to change the way the 1st District is represented in Congress, but he’s also going to change the way Congress does business,” May Day said at an event in Salisbury Thursday night.

“Jesse is a fighter. He is a progressive candidate, who is ready to represent the Eastern Shore of Maryland’s values, and he absolutely, unequivocally has my endorsement.”

Both Jesse and Mayor Day are Army veterans, and both are in their mid-30s. The two men also share much in common in terms of their vision for innovative solutions to our communities’ most pressing problems.

This is Jesse’s statement about the endorsement:

“This is a huge deal for us. I’m running to be part of a new generation of leadership in Washington, a wave of young veterans looking to get our country back on the right track. My platform is based on a simple idea: this District is a great place to race a family, it draws people in — but we have to give our kids a reason to stay. Mayor Day embodies the kind of innovative, energetic, and results-driven leadership I plan to bring to Congress. I couldn’t be prouder to have his support.”

Letter to the Editor: The Urgency of the 1st District Primary

For so many of us who believe that a healthy democratic system requires checks and balances, we are alarmed that our government currently has none. For those of us who believe that a leader’s integrity and character matter, it is frightening to live in a nation where so many of our leaders have so little. To regain balance from the one party stranglehold we are in, we independents in the First District need to take the June 26 primary more seriously than ever.

While I am an independent, it is clear that we need to elect the Democratic candidate who has the best chance of winning against the extreme conservative incumbent, Mr. Harris. The most important thing for us independents to do is to register as Democrats by June 5 so we can vote in this crucial primary and then you can easily change back as I plan to do.

So, among the four good Democratic candidates, who is best equipped to win in November and help restore balance and integrity to Washington?

Let me strongly endorse:

* the decorated Army Ranger who led valiantly during 4 combat tours in Afghanistan and one at the Korean DMZ.

* the 4th Generation Marylander, and new Dad, who is married to a savvy Republican wife who staffed on Capitol Hill and was a police officer.

* the Duke and Columbia graduate who helped to root out fraud and employee crime in the banking sector.

* a fresh, new political leader who has always put “ Country above self or party” and “ justice for all- not just the elite”

* the carbon-copy plus of Connor Lamb who recently defeated a strong ultra conservative incumbent in Pennsylvania.

This breath-of-fresh-air, Servant Leader is Jesse Colvin. Check out his positions on the critical issues we face on his website and I think you will see why our county and country need Jesse.

Above all else, fellow independents, let’s vote in this Primary!

Johnny O’Brien
Founder and CEO, Renaissance Leadership

Letter to the Editor: Time for a New 1st District Congressman

If Andy Harris wanted to be an effective Congressman ….

He would put the fiscal health of our country ahead of his wealthy backers and fondness for the military. The Freedom Caucus has voted to reduce taxes on the wealthy while increasing the deficit by trillions of dollars. This is NOT fiscal conservatism.

He would support comprehensive immigration reform, including protection for DACA Dreamers, ahead of his myopic support for temporary workers to aid our local seafood industry in the First District.

He would support common sense gun measures, including a ban on assault rifles, to better protect schoolchildren instead of mischaracterizing such measures as an assault on the 2nd Amendment. 2018 has been deadlier for school children than the military.

Andy Harris, we now have the opportunity to end your service in Congress. We have watched as your votes in Congress have repeatedly favored an elite few while the rest of your district struggles.

In June, the Democrats will select a strong candidate who will defeat you in November and serve our District with integrity and vision.

Warren Davis
Madge Henning

Letter to the Editor: Rising Sea Levels Will Completely Change the Chesapeake Bay

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reports that 40% of the world’s population lives in high density coastal areas, and eight out of ten of the most populated cities are located near coastlines. Rising sea levels due to warming temperatures have caused places in Maryland like Holland Island to disappear under water. Once a five mile long fishing community populated by 300 people, its last house sunk in 2016, according to the Maryland Reporter.

And it’s not just happening here in Maryland, but in places such as the Netherlands, New York City, and Naples to name a few. These cities are in danger of sinking into the ocean in the next 50-100 years, possibly causing governments around the world to spend millions or even billions of dollars to repair damages. We can prevent coastal cities from sinking under water in the next 100 years as well as protect the wildlife and habitat of our own Chesapeake Bay, simply by changing some of our everyday habits.

Rising sea levels are increasing each and every year in the Chesapeake Bay. Some harmful outcomes of these increased levels include flooding, shoreline erosion, and hazards from storms. (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). By the next century, according to predictions by the Chesapeake Bay Program, sea levels in the bay will have risen a whopping 1.3-5.2 ft. In addition, wildlife in the bay has already changed dramatically because of the changed sea level. The marshes and wetlands are now flooded with salt water, causing them to disappear rapidly (Chesapeake Bay Program). Loss of marshes and wetlands means loss of habitat, trapping pollution, and diminishing food and shelter for fish, birds, and shellfish. Rising sea levels, there would be a huge increase in saltwater flooding through groundwater. Furthermore, saltwater can travel to rivers, streams where people drink water out of; and saltwater can ruin agriculture fields destroying crops and plants.

In addition to unwelcome changes for wildlife, there are also major environmental changes caused by warming temperatures. First of all, melting glaciers, ice sheets and thermal expansion are caused by rising temperatures as well as the rising levels of the sea (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), and this will dramatically change the environment for the people living near the Chesapeake Bay and its wildlife. According to the Chesapeake Bay Program, by 2080, the bay’s water temperature will have increased a dramatic 4.5-10 degrees Fahrenheit. Eelgrass, accustomed to living in cooler environments, will become distressed underneath high tide zones, causing threatening effects on mainly crabs and fish.

Moreover, striped bass and brook trout located in Pennsylvania will become even more stressed by living under high tide zones in waters with increasing temperatures. This, coupled with a decreased amount of dissolved oxygen will fully kill dead zones, areas that are already under duress, causing fish to live in even smaller oxygenated areas in water and suffocate (Chesapeake Bay Program). Similarly, in low lying areas, storm surges and high sea levels create a “perfect storm,” flooding thousands of acres of land.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) estimates that an increase by 3 degrees in air temperature increases the heat-related death toll by 50%. The mean before was 80 people; it is now increasing to 130 people annually. Ultimately, both people and the environment could have catastrophic issues in 50-150 years if something is not done sooner to diminish these effects.

What is causing these increased risks to the coastline and how can we stop it from deteriorating more in the future? By coming up with more solutions to have the general public do to solve these problems could maybe speed up the process of preventing worse damage. One of the first things people could do is buy a car with the best fuel economy. You do not have to spend as much money on a car that does not use many gallons of gas. Another thing done is changing to solar panels to install on your roof or buy energy efficient light bulbs. In addition, people should reduce, reuse, and recycle. Meaning, stop trashing plastic bags. This is because plastic bags end up being in waste lands that take multiple years to decompose. People should look for energy efficient appliances to buy in their house. Items being fridges, washing machines just to name a few. People should eat less meat specifically being beef. This is because it reduces the amount of water consumption. Spreading the word by telling others—-by letting others know by telling solutions or just being aware. (Being aware can make people learn something new they did not know beforehand about climate change or it just makes them rethink what they do that would cause damage to planet earth.)

Not everything is going to be catastrophic when it comes to the environment and planet earth collapsing. There are organizations working hard coming up with solutions to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere causing all of the problems mentioned before. “According to Yale University in partnership with CBF shows that by, Bay area states could safely sequester—or store away—4.8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide.” (). That’s equivalent to using up three quarters of one million Hummers driving 12,000 mi yearly that is releasing carbon dioxide emissions. Another way of awareness is having schools across the U.S teach classes about these environmental issues and the effects/consequences about what will happen.

These problems have gotten worse ever since the start of the 20th century. Due to these problems getting worse overtime, we as a community and as a society can come up with solutions to prevent anything from getting worse. According to the Washington Post, “rising seawater levels and chronic flooding threaten to disrupt daily life, damage homes and business, and swallow land in the relatively near future, according to a study.” Some of the industries such as the fishing, shipping and packaging industries surrounding the Chesapeake Bay will be greatly affected. Now, rising sea levels and sinking land, the same forces that doomed the island, threaten Crisfield, its seafood industry and its 2,710 residents. And a newly discovered tidal pattern puts them in greater peril than previously known.

Overall, warming temperatures are also equally as important as rising sea levels due to all of the damaging factors it has to damage the Chesapeake Bay even more; being equally as damaging as rising sea levels.

Erika Lee
Wye River Upper School