Point-Counterpoint: The Islamic State by Bob Amdur

“We don’t have a strategy yet.” Well that’s one hell-of-an admission from a president of the United States on an issue that has dominated the news for several months. The Islamic State (IS), as it’s referred to, is actually an army of more than 15,000 fighters that has already swept across major parts of Syria and Iraq.

Their objective is to establish a worldwide caliphate (a Moslem state), and it is doing it one country at a time. Meanwhile it’s been reported that more than 100 Americans with U.S. passports are fighting with the IS forces. This means that they can also reenter the United States with little difficulty, and they have the potential of initiating terrorist acts anywhere in the country. That should send a shudder through your body.

Our president has a problem making a decision, except when it comes to deciding to make a fund raising speech or playing a round of golf or anything that allows him to board his 747 jet.

Being president is a difficult job. As president Truman, commenting on the position, said, “the buck stops here.” But president Obama only wants to pass the buck.

He became president with little experience in either government or the private sector. And it shows. This man can’t handle the job. Loath that I am to making comparisons, however remember Mitt Romney – a man who was educated and made his living in management and decision making. But alas he was rejected by the voters because he was too rich or just didn’t care about people. Any one with
buyers remorse?

Well, it’s time to put our country back on the right road, and we can start with the upcoming elections in November by making sure that at least here in Maryland we can start with getting a new governor by the name of Hogan.

Bob Amdur is a member of Talbot County Republican Council, a group of volunteers concerned with issues of importance for the Mid-Shore and the nation.