A Conversation About Benghazi in Easton

A conversation about Benghazi will be held on Thursday, August, 28 at the Holiday Inn in Easton.

Christine Dolan, a journalist and former political director of CNN, is going to join Ken Timmerman, journalist and author of Dark Forces: The Truth About Benghazi, and Major David J. King, Jr. (retired) special forces. All have spent extended time in Africa and the Middle East; both journalists have written about Benghazi and Major King has served in the region. Each brings a unique perspective to the political, cultural and military complexities of the region. This is a nonpartisan group: a liberal, a conservative, and an independent.

The subject is timely and the conversation presents background information that will be helpful to anyone who plans to listen to or read about the hearings by the House Select Committee on Benghazi. Whether one believes the hearings are necessary or not, they will occur, there will be new facts gleaned, and those facts to have implications for our policies in the Middle East and Africa.

There is no charge, but we do need reservations to be sure we do not overbook the space. Q&A to follow.

For further information and reservations, please contact: Trudy Hamilton at 410-822-5322 or Toni Jennings at 410-822-4137.