Bird Dog Sauce Co. Gets Tropical

A mere six months after launching his own Hot Sauce Company, Easton native Bird Dog Wheeler set his sights on having his sauces sold in Key West and he never looked back. “The Florida Keys, and Key West in particular, is one of the meccas for great sauces and spices and I wanted to make sure we were a part of that.” Mr. Wheeler said as he begins to marinade a goose he’s smoking for that evening’s dinner.

Bird Dog Sauce Co. Sauces are now sold at Peppers of Key West on 602 Greene St., Key West, FL. “We used to play the Keys circuit on a regular basis back in the 80’s. And now I’m going back! And from what I hear we’re already planning a tasting for down there sometime early 2015.” He says with a grin.

“I’m beside myself!” Says Keith Graffius, Distributor of the Bird Dog Sauces and owner of Crabi Gras. “A little taste of the Eastern Shore is in Key West! We couldn’t be more excited!”

“I’ve heard stories of a crazy band from the Chesapeake Bay called Bird Dog and the Road Kings. They would come down here and sometimes play twelve or thirteen hour sets and then they would be gone. Just vanish! ” Said Pete Legrady, owner of Peppers of Key West. “ It is so cool to have Bird Dog back in Key West!”

The first two sauces in the new line are the “Original Redneck Sauce,” which is a Cayenne-based table sauce, and the “Mexican Style Redneck Sauce,” made with Red Chipotle Peppers and making for a wonderful smoky sweet addition to any meal. Currently, Bird Dog and his crew are working on finding the perfect Key West style sauce to unveil when he hits the road for Key West in 2015.

These sauces are now available at both Crabi Gras locations in Cambridge and Easton, Flamingo Flats in St. Michaels, Graul’s Grocery in St. Michaels, Emily’s Produce, Leaky Petes Oyster and Wine Bar, both in Cambridge, and the Big Owl Tiki Bar and Harris Crab House in Kent Narrows.

For more information about the new sauces, or how to become a retailer of the Bird Dog line, call Keith Graffius at 410-228-0108 or email