Justine’s Now Making Its Own Homemade Ice Cream

Justine’s Ice Cream Parlour is proud to announce that we are now producing our own artisanal ice cream in small batches, in newly-created flavors using the finest local ingredients.

“We believe that ice cream should be about flavor, taste and texture – and choices”, said Kathy Lash owner of Justine’s. “We are now creating unique flavors for our ice cream –flavors that are inspired by ingredients that are available to us locally and reflect the season.”

Tyler Heim, manager and creator of Justine’s Spring flavors, is a recent graduate of Penn State’s Ice Cream School. In its 99th year, the course has attracted more than 4,400 participants from across the country and the world. The Penn State student roster reads like a Who’s Who of the ice cream industry including Ben Cohen of Ben and Jerry’s.

“We make everything we can from scratch with many of our ingredients found locally,” said Tyler. “Like rich maple syrup from Olivin’s in St. Michaels, fresh roasted coffee beans from Rise Up Coffee in Easton, and sweet blackberry wine from the St. Michaels Winery for our sorbet.”

Justine’s artisanal ice creams and sorbets are all natural. They contain no high fructose corn syrup or artificial colors.

This Spring Justine’s is featuring five new flavors – Coffee Toffee, Raspberry Oreo, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Cocoa Dream and New Hampshire Maple. The signature ice cream will be sold at Justine’s Ice Cream Parlour, 106 North Talbot Street, St. Michaels and from the Justine’s ice cream cart at various farmer’s markets and events during the summer.