Loblolly Recognized as Force Behind Growing “Chesapeake Wine Country”

Loblolly Productions was awarded the Veraison Award at the February 8, 2014 Maryland Grape Growers Association (MGGA) Annual Conference. The Veraison Award is presented annually to an industry supporter who helps further the viticulture industry in the State of Maryland. The MGGA board felt that Loblolly’s on-going efforts through their initiative – shorevines.com – dedicated to promoting and marketing vineyards and wineries was beneficial to not only the Eastern Shore of Maryland but also to the industry as a whole.

Carolyn Baldwin President Maryland Grape Grower's Association (left), Lotte Bowie Partner Loblolly Productions (right).

Carolyn Baldwin President Maryland Grape Grower’s Association (left), Lotte Bowie Partner Loblolly Productions (right).

Accepting the award, Lotte made note that the on-going sponsorship of the Upper Shore Regional Council of Maryland has been critical to the success of shorevines as an information resource spurring the growth of more vineyards and wineries on the shore. Lotte went on to comment that the Chesapeake Wine Trail numbers 11 wineries with at least 6 more on the near horizon.

“Our next goal is to make sure that the story of the Chesapeake’s winemakers is clearly heard, not only to the tourists who flock to the region, or even the Western critics who have increasingly come to appreciate Eastern Shore wine, but also to our local populace. To illustrate the potential of our Chesapeake Wine Country and have our eastern shore community members drink its fruits would be a satisfying accomplishment,” concluded Lotte in her acceptance speech.

Photo by Emily Johnston