Madison’s Miracles to Host Event to Benefit Epilepsy Treatment

Madison’s Miracles is hosting a dance and silent auction fundraising event on November 8, 2014. Our event will be held at the Milestone in Easton with Mike Hines and the Look providing entertainment and music for dancing.

Our event is expected to draw 300 supporters and participating businesses will be prominently featured in our event program. In addition, each program will contain a “support our supporters” flyer listing with contact details for these businesses.

We are raising funds for the Johns Hopkins Keto-education Fund. This 501 (c) (3) program supports education of families and practitioners who are involved with the Ketogenic diet as a treatment for epilepsy. Our family has personally been affected by epilepsy and we have witnessed the benefits of the Ketogenic diet in improving seizure activity.

Our daughter Madison was diagnosed with epilepsy at 3 years old and had been on several different medications and combinations of medications with little success at controlling her seizures. In June of 2012, we went to Johns Hopkins to start the diet and within 5 days Madison went from having over 50 seizures daily to having less than 15 daily.

After 2 years she is only having an average of 5 seizures daily and we have been able to take her off of most of her seizure medications. The Ketogenic diet is truly a miracle for our family. There are 65 million people diagnosed with epilepsy and many are struggling to become seizure-free with medication treatments alone. The education that is provided by Johns Hopkins Ketogenic team expands the treatment possibilities for children and families everywhere.

Can you help us out with a donation of a product or service from your business? It will greatly help expand the availability and understanding of this life changing treatment! All donations are greatly appreciated. Your donation can be something as simple as a gift certificate to your business or an item to be added to a basket of goods.

Call or e-mail Jaclyn Weston at Madison’s Miracles, 443-786-9651 or email: for more information. We will also mail you a receipt for your tax deductible donation. You can learn more about the Ketogenic Diet Center at Hopkins here.