Book Signing by Author Gerald F. Sweeney at the News Center

tournament-cover-prjpegGerald F. Sweeney will be signing his new novel titled A Tournament of a Distinguished White Order at the News Center in Easton on Saturday, December 10, 2016 from 1:00 to 3:00.

Tournament follows the complicated love duel between a creative Army private and a sensuous young actress, a pair energized and troubled during the “forgotten” Korean War. Jim Mahoney learns how to soldier while Fawn Evans battles for a career on the New York stage. How they do or don’t maintain a love affair during wartime reveals their character.

For twenty years, Sweeney has been writing a series of seven novels about one family journeying through the Twentieth Century, a time of multiple Wars, the Depression and multiple social advances—the civil rights movement, women’s rights and gay rights. These stand-alone novels are overseen by a character called the Wizard who operates a clandestine radio station that favors American classical music and a unique view of America’s role in the world. Called The Columbiad, the series depicts the adventures of an Irish immigrant family toiling through the early century in the Midwest and then follows one branch to New York.

The published volumes include:
Eagles Rising (1) – An historical novel.
First Lights (2) – A schoolboy’s coming of age novel.
Crashing Into Sunrise (3) – A novel about a youth’s cultural and intellectual development.
Tournament of a Distinguished White Order (4) – An Army novel with a love story.
Yo Columbia! (6) – A quest novel. A bi-racial couple seeks Scott Joplin’s lost opera.
Wizard Ho! (7) Another quest novel. The couple seeks the Wizard in his radio lair
Sweeney is working on the final book in the series, a Sixties-eranovel (5).


Easton’s News Center Presents A Special Collection of Small Paintings

During the months of August and September the public will have an opportunity to see a grouping of over 60 small watercolor paintings at the News Center, 218 N. Washington Street, Easton, MD. This charming collection of “jewel-like” watercolors is in frames 14” x 11” or even smaller, represent a plethora of subjects.

Barbara Jablin, an award winning St. Michaels artist and her students are presenting this exhibit. Many of Barbara Jablin’s students have won regional awards for their paintings. The exhibit will include works by the following students: Ann DeMart, Pat Hanlon, Jo Merrill, David Murphy, Nancy O’Brien. Peg Papa, Jan Perdue, and Virginia Perram.



Cookbook Signing at News Center in Easton

Kerry Leatherman Dunnington will bring her book Planet Kitchen Table – Recipes for a Sustainable Future in Food, to The News Center, in Easton’s Talbottown Center, on March 8, 2014, 11a.m.-1p.m. Designed for both gourmet chefs and family cooks interested in sustaining our future in food and eating meals that are seasonal and locally sourced, Planet Kitchen Table offers much more than the typical “appetizers-to-desserts” cookbooks that line bookstore shelves and are available online.

PKT Cover ImageIn the book’s opening, Dunnington poses six food-related challenges that result in a healthier home menu as well as encourage food sustainability. There also is an entire chapter for pescatarians (those who only eat fish, fruit, grains and vegetables). Many of the recipes in Planet Kitchen Table feature unusual ingredient combinations – for example, parsnip baby cakes with ginger icing, curried purslane soup, kohlrabi coleslaw and rhubarb. Dunnington’s menus are diverse enough to satisfy chefs who lean toward healthy, seasonal and vegan and also those want to serve up more traditional meals featuring meat, bread, cheese or chocolate.

Planet Kitchen Table offers a wealth of guidance on taking the season-to-season and local food sourcing approach in everyday meal preparation as well as in entertaining. The book also provides practical, in-depth information about food selection and purchasing with a view to health and nutritition, as well as excellent recipes.

Dunnington has been a caterer, food columnist, recipe judge, cookbook author, and entertaining/event consultant for more than three decades. She has written for several publications, including The Examiner newspapers, Smart Woman, baltimore eats, and Urbanite. Planet Kitchen Table is her second cookbook. Her popular first cookbook, This Book Cooks, is now in its second edition. More information may be found at