Team Equinox Wins Easton High’s 5th “Film-In”

On Friday April 6, 2019 the Easton High School Interactive Media Production Career and Technology pathway hosted its fifth annual “Film-in” challenge. 15 students on three different teams competed to storyboard, film, and edit a one to four minute narrative sequence, all within the span of eight hours (from 12-8 pm).  The genre of each team’s film, as well as a box of props, an event, theme, film title, and sound effect that had to be incorporated, were not revealed to students until the start of the event. Students were restricted to public spaces in the town of Easton to shoot the entirety of their film. In addition, the Avalon Theatre, MCTV studio, and The Academy of Art, Easton sponsored the event and students were granted access to film at those locations. Members of the Interactive Media Production advisory board were present at the event to support and assist students through the process.

All Film-In participants and community members

Advisory board members Nick Richards, MCTV manager, and Nancy Tabor, Vice President of the Chesapeake Film Festival worked with students and acted as the event’s judges at the end of the evening. Past Easton High School Interactive Media Production Career and Technology pathway completers returned as support for the teams. Present were Katelyn Verley and Nat Trice (class of 2018), McKenzie Bugg and Joseph Mueller (class of 2017) and Jonny Small (class of 2016).

At 3:00 pm, all filming ceased and students returned to Easton High School begin the task of editing and creating special effects for their films. It was also revealed at this time that in addition to editing, teams would need to design two posters for their film that focused on communicating the genre and the surprise constraints of their film. During this time, students created a bloopers reel AND wrote their own press release—the winning team’s press release can be seen below.

The teams rose to the challenge and produced diverse and engaging narratives. Team Equinox shot a crime flick in which a bobble head statue is stolen from the Academy of Art, Easton. Team Influenza filmed a musical with an original soundtrack written by Sophomore Galen Marquess and Juniors Neil Siegman and Seth Wagner. Team Sweaty Boyz sequenced a prank show parody with an epic scene that combines a leaf blower and a bowl of salsa and chips. Students applied industry-standard Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects to edit their films.

At 8:00 pm students showcased their films and were assessed by the judges with a rigorous list of criteria including sequencing, application of effects, and incorporation of their surprise props and genre.

Team Equinox: (winning team from left to right) Henry Hills, Gary Magill, David Gardner, Britney Lee, Thomas Lee

Chosen as the top film for the evening was “The Usual Suspects,” created by team “Equinox,” which included Easton High School senior Thomas Lee, Junior Henry Hills, and freshmen Gary Magill, David Gardner, and Britney Lee. The students’ completed films will air on MCTV along with an interview about the Film-Inn event. Easton resident Heather Grant and local businesses KilnBorn Creations, Eastcor Engineering and The Tidewater Inn sponsored the event by donating prizes for the winning teams.

Mrs. Garnette Hines, the Interactive Media Production teacher at Easton High, organized the event to challenge students and give them an opportunity to work with professionals in the film industry. Each year she has tried to grow the event to make it better than the last year. This year, all teams were challenged to use an actual film title—“The Usual Suspects,” and reinterpret it in their own way. At the end of the evening Hines announced “The winning film is…The Usual Suspects.”

TCPS Musicians Excel at Solo and Ensemble Festival

Members the Talbot County Public Schools Bands traveled to North Caroline High School last month for the Eastern Shore Band Directors Association (ESBDA) Annual Solo & Ensemble Festival. All participants receive ratings from I to V with I being “Superior”, the highest rating. A rating of II is deemed “Excellent”. Those who earn an Excellent (II) or a Superior Rating (I) receive certificates and are able to order medals representing their achievement. Students who earned a superior also qualified to audition at the state level at Towson University in May.

Photo: Representing St. Michaels Middle High School, Nathan Henckel, Madison White, Molly Fullerton and Marty Fullerton performed at the Annual Solo & Ensemble Festival and earned Superior Ratings.

St. Michaels Middle High School had three musicians compete as follows:

• Molly Fullerton –Trumpet Solo*
• Marty Fullerton – Trumpet Solo*
• Madison White and Nathan Henckel – French Horn and Oboe Duet*

Easton High School Students:

• Mara Stoyanov and Natalie Englehart – Flute Duet*
• Mara Stoyanov and Chillian Cuthbert-Emon – Flute Solo and accompaniment
• Sandra Lane and Calvin Davis – Tenor sax and accompaniment

Photo: Five students from Easton High School competed at Eastern Shore Band Directors Association (ESBDA) Annual Solo & Ensemble Festival earning Superior ratings. Left to right: Calvin Davis, Sandra Lane, Natalie Englehart, Mara Stoyanov, Chillian Cuthbert-Emon.

Easton Middle School Students:

• Abigail Meadows – Clarinet; Charlotte Moseley – Flute; Ian Branic– Trumpet*
• Olivia Tagbo – Flute; Merceyde Wolf – Flute; Elgin Hawley – Alto Sax*
• Grant Kirby – Baritone; Matthew Craig – Baritone; Ian Branic– Trumpet*
• John Schwaninger – Trombone; John Payne – Baritone; Eduardo Diaz-Chavero – Trombone*

• Rebecca Wright – Alto Sax; Livia Lewis – Oboe; Honey Bonilla-Velasquez – Bass Clarinet
• Nancy Trejo-Herrera -Flute; Ashley Sanchez-Morales – Flute; Caleigh Freeman -Flute
• Caroline Horner – Flute ; Matthew Svehla -Alto Sax; Matthew Craig – Baritone
• Julian Hutchison- Trombone; Finn McGuckin – Alto Sax; Caleb Wooters- Trombone


• Taylor Chaney – Clarinet; Ja’Kyra Ware–Clarinet*
• Maya Mosslih– Baritone; Corinne Mead – Trombone*
• Louis Lentz – Snare Drum; Samantha Mason – Snare Drum*
• Louis Lentz – Snare Drum; Sam Pierson – Snare Drum*
• Jeremiah Carter -Snare Drum; Anderson Bartolon – Snare Drum*
• Lily Harrison – Flute; Chloe Machovsky – Tenor Sax*
• Morgan Fike– Flute; Anna Kate Leight – Alto Sax*
• Yuliana Jimenez-Colchado -Alto Sax;Rebecca Wright – Alto Sax
• Jenna Stinson – Snare Drum; Elijah Brown -Snare Drum
• Jenna Stinson – Snare Drum; Brooke Ensminger – Snare Drum
• Anna Fink – Snare Drum; Amorie Blake – Snare Drum
• Anna Fink – Snare Drum; Elijah Brown – Snare Drum
• Ian Branic– Trumpet; Louis Lentz – Snare Drum
• Brian Warner -Trumpet ; Ahltair Baltimore-Trumpet
• Zaniya Lowman – Flute; Aunesti Williams – Clarinet
• Emily Branic – Flute; Kate Adelman – French Horn
• Phillip Horner – Trumpet ; Robert Norbury – Trumpet
• Logan Banks – Baritone ; Maya Mosslih – Baritone
• Isabelle Ludwig -Snare Drum; Kate Adelman – Snare Drum
• Remy Robinson – Baritone; Richard Villeda – Trombone
• Anna Szwaja – Alto Sax ; Jessica Hammond – Flute

*Earned Superior Rating and will audition at the State Level at Towson University in May.

Talbot County Public Schools Presents 2018 Kindergarten Readiness Data

The overall results of MD 2018 Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA) are showing that the readiness levels for children entering Talbot County Public Schools are staying steady.  The KRA 2.0, an updated version of the assessment, was administered by all kindergarten teachers between the beginning of the school year and October 10th this year.  Items on the assessment measured students’ mastery of the end of year PreKindergarten skills, knowledge, and behaviors across four domains: Language and Literacy, Mathematics, Social Foundations, and Physical Well-Being and Motor Development.  Along with 13 other districts in the state, Talbot County again chose to complete a census administration of the assessment, meaning that all Talbot County Public School children were assessed.

In previous years, the results of the KRA assessment students with disabilities and English Language Learners were not included in with their peers.  In order to provide more transparency in the performance of all students, the 2018 KRA overall results now include the scores of students with disabilities and English Language Learners enrolled in the public schools, even if they were not able to complete the assessment with accommodations.

Initial district results show the following:

• 42% of TCPS kindergarten students began the year demonstrating readiness (demonstrating the foundational skills and behaviors that prepare students for curriculum based on the kindergarten standards)
• 41% of TCPS kindergarten students began the year approaching readiness (demonstrating some of the foundational skills and behaviors that prepare students for curriculum based on the kindergarten standards)
• 17% of TCPS kindergarten students began the year with emerging readiness (demonstrating minimal foundational skills and behaviors that prepare students for curriculum based on the kindergarten standards)

“We have an early childhood literacy coach working closely with both the schools and some of our partners serving three and four-year olds and our PreKindergarten programs to implement the Raising a Reader program.  This is a family literacy and engagement program aimed at fostering positive family involvement around reading books at home,” shared Mrs. Liz Haslup, Early Childhood and Elementary Language Arts Supervisor.“We have also implemented full day, universal PreKindergarten at the Easton Elementary School Campus this year through a PreKindergarten Expansion Grant, while maintaining our universal half day PreKindergarten at the other schools.  We look forward to seeing a positive impact of these initiatives on our readiness data in the coming years.”

More detailed state and school district data is available at the Ready At Five website.

Mrs. Kelly Murdoch is Appointed Principal of Tilghman Elementary

Talbot County Public Schools (TCPS) has announced that Mrs. Kelly Murdoch will become principal of Tilghman Elementary School effective July 1, 2019, following the retirement of Mrs. Joyce Crow.

Mrs. Murdoch has served as Assistant Principal at Easton Elementary Moton since 2016.  She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a Master of Arts in English (ESOL) from Salisbury University, and she is certified at the Administrator II level.  She began her career in education at Fort Worth Independent School district where she taught first grade.  She joined TCPS in 1999 as a first grade teacher at White Marsh Elementary.  She also taught second grade and physical education until 2014.  She held the role of Administrative Intern at both White Marsh and Chapel District Elementary Schools during the 2015-2016 school year.

“I am honored and look forward to serving Talbot County Public Schools and the Tilghman community in this new role,” said Mrs. Murdoch. “I am excited to have the opportunity to lead TES, knowing the strength of this wonderful school is founded in the collaboration and partnerships that exist between families, community, and the dedication of the staff.

Mrs. Murdoch is a member of National Association of Elementary School Principals and the  Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development.  She served as grade level chairperson on the School Improvement Team at White Marsh Elementary from 2002-2009, on the TCPS Strategic Planning Committee in 2014-2015, and the Teacher Evaluation Committee from 2011 – 2014.  She both attended and presented at the Educator Effectiveness Academy in 2011 – 2013.  She has also served as a School Improvement Chairperson, and successfully completed the Maryland Aspiring Principals’ Institute as well as the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program Training.  She resides in Cordova with her husband Billy and their two daughters, both of whom attend Talbot County Public Schools.

“Mrs. Murdoch is a perfect fit for Tilghman Elementary,” said Dr. Kelly Griffith, Superintendent. “She values the opinions of others, collaborates with stakeholders, and leads with integrity.”

TCPS Student Musicians Earn Spot in All-Shore Bands

Students from the Talbot County Public Schools band programs recently auditioned for the Eastern Shore Band Director’s Association (ESBDA) Junior and Senior All-Shore Band.  Students from every county on the Eastern Shore of Maryland compete for limited spots.  The following TCPS students were selected:

Easton Middle School – Directed by Donna Ewing

Flute: Emily Branic – 7th grade, Morgan Fike – 7th grade

Clarinet: Abigail Meadows – 8th grade

Trumpet: Ian Branic – 8th grade, Philip Horner – 7th grade, Brian Warner – 8th grade

French Horn: Kate Adelman – 7th grade

Trombone: Eduardo Diaz-Chavero – 7th grade, Julian Hutchison – 7th grade, John Schwaninger – 7th grade. Richard Villeda – 8th grade, Caleb Wooters – 7th grade

Baritone: Matthew Craig – 1st Chair – 7th grade,Logan Banks – 8th grade, Grant Kirby – 8th grade

Percussion: Louis Lentz – 1st Chair Timpanist; 1st Chair Snare Drum; 1st Chair Mallets – 8th grade

Photo: EMS band members. L-R, 1st row: Donna Ewing, EMS Band Director, Morgan Fike, Emily Branic, Richard Villeda; 2nd row: John Schwaninger, Brian Warner, Kate Adelman; 3rd row: Caleb Wooters, Eduardo Diaz-Chavero, Philip Horner; 4th row: Julian Hutchison, Grant Kirby, Matthew Craig; 5th row: Abigail Meadows, Logan Banks, Louis Lentz, Ian Branic

St. Michaels Middle High School – Directed by Christopher Flaherty

Senior All Shore Trumpet and Featured Pianist – Molly Fullerton – 10th grade

Junior All Shore: Trumpet – Marty Fullerton 7th grade, French Horn – Madison White – 7th grade

Easton High School – Directed by Bri’Yahn Ritchie

Tenor Sax – Ian Mann – 12th grade

Trumpet – William Ross – 9th grade

The All-Shore Band festival will be held on Friday and Saturday, April 5th &6th at Queen Anne’s County High School Auditorium, with the concert Saturday night at 7:30 p.m.

“We are extremely proud of these talented and hard-working musicians,” said James Redman, Fine Arts Curriculum Supervisor.  “Many students audition for a very few spots in these bands, so we are thrilled to have so many of our students representing TCPS at this year’s Festival.”

Talbot Announces 2019 Teacher and Support Staff of the Year Finalists

Each year, Talbot County Public Schools honors teachers and support staff through the Teacher of the Year and Support Staff of the Year Program. This provides the opportunity to recognize outstanding educators who have innovative ideas, focus positive attention on education, and demonstrate superior commitment to students.

Any member of the community may nominate teachers or support staff for these prestigious awards. Four finalists have been selected from the nominations for both Teacher of the Year and Support Staff of the Year. TCPS is pleased to recognize these outstanding educators.

Top: Lynn Aleman and Kevin Carroll. Bottom: Christopher Flaherty and Caitlin McKee.

Teacher of the Year Finalists:

Lynn Aleman teaches fourth grade and ESOL at Easton Elementary – Moton. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education at Salisbury University in 2006 and a Master of Arts-ESOL for Pre-K – 12 in 2011, also from Salisbury. She has been a member of the TCPS Team since 2006.

Kevin Carroll teaches Special Education at Easton High School. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Special Education K-12 from Grand Canyon University and a Master of Arts in English (TESOL) in 2018. He began his career with TCPS as an Instructional Assistant in Special Education in 2008.

Christopher Flaherty is an Instrumental Music Teacher and Band Director at St. Michaels Middle High School. He received a Bachelor of Music from Catholic University in 2003 and a Master of Music from Arizona State University in 2007. He has an Advanced Professional Certificate in PreK-12 Music Education. He began his teaching career in Arizona in 2007 and joined Talbot County Public Schools in 2014.

Caitlin McKee is a Special Education Teacher for students in grades PreK-1st at Easton Elementary – Dobson. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Unified Elementary and Special Education from Juniata College in 2006 and a Master of Science in Special Education from Drexel University in 2015. She holds Advanced Professional Certifications in Elementary Education and Special Education, and has been a Special Education teacher for Talbot County Public Schools since 2011.

Top: Anne McCauley and Jennifer Miller. Bottom: Quanesha Miller and Sindy Reyes.

Support Staff of the Year Finalists:

Anne McCauley is a Behavior Counselor, providing school-based mental health services for TCPS students. She holds both a Bachelor of Arts and a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Salisbury University. She began her career with Talbot County Public Schools in 2010.

Jennifer Miller is a Senior Computer Technician, responsible for the implementation and management of TCPS student information systems. She holds an Associates of Applied Science from Chesapeake College and is a graduate of St. Michaels High School. She began serving Talbot County students as a school secretary in 1992.

Quanesha Miller is an Instructional Assistant for English Language Learners at Easton Elementary – Moton. She is a graduate of Easton High School and has attended Chesapeake College and Coppin State University. She joined TCPS as a substitute teacher in 2016.

Sindy Reyes is an English as a Second Language Instructional Assistant at Easton Elementary – Dobson. She has a degree in Elementary Education from Colegio Ana Geurra de Jesus, El Salvador and a Bachelor of Arts in English from University of El Salvador. She has also earned an Associate of Arts from Chesapeake College. She has worked for Talbot County Public Schools since 2001.

“We received many thoughtful nominations for this year’s Teacher of the Year and Support Staff of the Year Awards,” explained Dr. Kelly Griffith, Superintendent. “The heartfelt testimonies show the dedication of our amazing TCPS team members.”

The 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year and Support Staff of the year winners will be announced at the annual celebration on April 11, 2019.

Education Foundation Awards More Than $33,000 in Teacher Grants

The Talbot County Public Schools Education Foundation is pleased to announce that $33,174 in grants were awarded to TCPS teachers during 2018. The Foundation has funded a total of 26 projects in the elementary, middle and high schools.

“Through the generosity of our community, the Education Foundation is able to fund innovative projects that give teachers and students the opportunity to take learning to another level,” said Patrick Fitzgerald, Advisory Board Chair. “We are grateful to the organizations and individuals who have taken the lead in supporting this very important mission, and are looking forward to seeing more requests.”

From L-R: F. Graham Lee, Ty Russ, Laura Heikes, Pam Clay, Kelly L. Griffith, Superintendent, Juanita Hopkins, Rebeca Firth, David Short and Michael Fisher.

Formed in the Fall of 2016 the Education Foundation partners with the Talbot County community to promote excellence in public education and to provide financial support and other resources to enhance the quality of academic opportunities for all TCPS students. The projects funded in 2018 through the Teacher Grants program are as follows:

Diversity in Classroom Libraries – SMES
Hands On Life Science – EES-D
Powering Computational Creativity- EMS
Strategy Game Club – SMMHS
The STEM Classroom – CDES
Equitable Learning With Literature – EHS
STEM with Drones – EMS
Choir Competition Gowns – SMMHS
Creating Robotic Engineers – GT
Destination Imagination Trip to Globals – SM
Outdoor Classroom – EMS
Students for Streams- All Elementary
No Soil, No Problem! – CDES
PBIS Weekly Lesson – WMES
Diverse Classroom Posters & Resources – WMES
SMMHS Production – All Shook Up! – SMMHS
InterAct Story Theatre – EES-D
Student Published Books – CDES
Population Ecology – 5th grade Gifted & Talented
Comfortable with College – SMMHS
Flexible Seating – SMES
Seas the Day Room – WMES
Keeping UP with Technology – EMS
Campus Mosaic – Shine it UP SM
Understanding Archaeology –
The Hill Project -3rd Gifted & Talented
Aquatic Science Field Lab – SMMHS

“We are excited about the educational opportunities that the Education Foundation has been able to supplement for our students,” said Dr. Kelly Griffith, Superintendent. “I would especially like to thank our staff who took the time to apply for the grants. This progress also would not have been possible without the enthusiasm and tenacity of the Education Foundation Advisory Board. We are grateful for their hard work!”

The members of the Education Foundation Advisory Board are: Patrick Fitzgerald, Chair; Laura Heikes, Vice Chair; Pam Clay; Gwen Fike; Michael Fisher, MD; Rebecca Firth, Ph.D.; Howard Freedlander; Greta Gartman; Jeremy Hillyard; Juanita Hopkins; F. Graham Lee; Victoria Gomez Lozano; Richard Marks; Jo Ann Asparagus Murray; Ty Russ; David Short.

The Education Foundation raises funds through special events, such as “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader” and “Mission Possible –Celebrating TCPS Alumni and Supporting Teachers,” as well as the“Honor A Teacher” program, and annual and planned giving.The TCPS Education Foundation Funds are component funds of the Mid-Shore Community Foundation.To learn more about supporting the TCPS Education Foundation visit their website at or contact Debbie Gardner, Coordinator of Public Relations and Special Programs at 410-822-0330 ext. 102 or by email at

Local High School Students Selected for Maryland General Assembly Page Program

Minahil Cheema (right) will serve as Page and Lydia Shreves (left) will be the alternate.

Two local high school students have been chosen to represent Talbot County in the Maryland General Assembly Student Page Program this year.  Minahil Cheema will serve as Page and Lydia Shreves will be the alternate.

Minahil Cheema is a Senior at Easton High School.  She is President of the Interact Club and the LEO Club and Vice President of the Health Community Service Club.  She is a member of the National Honor Society, the Yearbook Staff  and the Latin Honor Society.  She has also been a member of the Junior Varsity Girls’ Basketball team as well as the Varsity Unified Bocce and Tennis Teams and participates in Tae Kwan Do.  She currently serves as an Intern for Global Vision 2020, a non-profit which provides basic eye care screening and prescription eyeglasses to people in low resource and/or remote areas of the world.

Minahil has received numerous awards including a Rotary Citation with Presidential Distinction, a Rotary Youth Leadership Award, and recognition for Leadership Initiative in Interact Club.  She also received the Minds in Motion Scholar Athlete Award and awards for Excellence in several classes, including Advanced Placement Biology and Chemistry.  “I am both grateful and blessed to have such a rewarding opportunity at an early age,” Minahil said.  “I’m looking forward to this experience and exposure to working with those who contribute to our local governance,” she added. “This will fuel my inspiration for my personal future goal of running for the MD Senate when I’m eligible,  as well as my current focus on philanthropy within my community.”

Lydia Shreves is the 2018-2019 St. Michaels Middle High student representative to the Board of Education  A senior, she has held numerous other leadership positions, including Yearbook Editor, Student Government Association President, class president and class treasurer, and President of the National Honor Society. She volunteers for Character Counts, Games on Wheels and the Six Pillar Century Ride.  She has been recognized with the American Legion School Award  and Minds in Motion and was the Laws of Life Essay contest winner.  Lydia has also been active in athletics, serving as team captain for the Basketball team and earning Offensive MVP, Rookie of the Year and “Saints” awards.  She played Tennis in the #1 singles spot as well as playing on the Varsity Field Hockey team.  Lydia plans to attend a 4 year college or university to study Political Science.

Maryland high school seniors have served as student pages for members of the state legislature since 1970. Each year 105 pages and 36 alternates from across Maryland are selected by their local school systems to represent their schools and Counties.  Each selected page serves two nonconsecutive weeks in either the Senate or House of Delegates.  During the thirteen weeks of session, which run from the second week in January to early April, each page serves one week during the first eight weeks and returns for a second week during the last five.  The duties of pages are driven by the schedule of the chamber to which they are assigned.

Requirements include being a high school senior, residing and attending a public or nonpublic high school in Maryland, having an interest in government and history, a record of good conduct, scholastic achievement and being outgoing, courteous, reliable and efficient.  Interested students should apply through their schools in September and selection is completed by October 1st of each year.

Nominations are Being Accepted for TCPS Teacher and Support Staff of the Year

Talbot County Public Schools is excited to announce that the process to select the 2019 Teacher of the Year and Support Staff of the Year has begun!  Is there a teacher or member of the TCPS support staff who is truly outstanding, has made a significant impact on your family, and/or goes above and beyond in their commitment as a professional?  The Teacher of the Year and Support Staff of the Year programs are a fantastic way to recognize educators who exemplify this year’s theme, #WeAreTCPS.

The Talbot County Teacher of the Year program honors teachers who represent the best in the profession. It provides the opportunity to recognize outstanding teachers who are doing incredible things both inside and outside of the classroom. It also helps us to focus positive attention on public education. The teacher must meet the following requirements to be considered for the Talbot County Teacher of the Year:

• Hold state certification in area(s) of assignment, Pre-K through 12th Grade
• Be a current full-time classroom teacher as defined by a teaching contract, to include: librarians, specialists, intervention teachers, ESL teachers, gifted education teachers, instructional coaches and special education teachers
• Have a minimum of five years of exemplary teaching experience
• Plan to continue in an active teaching status for at least one year
• Submit a professional resume that addresses the following: Education, Certifications, Experience, Leadership and Awards/Other Recognition.

The Talbot County Support Staff of the Year program recognizes exceptional support professionals such as instructional assistants, bus drivers, custodians, plant operations staff, administrative support, and other noncertified TCPS Team members who exemplify a positive attitude toward their role, strengthen and improve the learning environment, and demonstrate a strong belief in the value of public education.

Any individual within the school system or any member of the community may nominate a candidate to apply to be Talbot’s Teacher of the Year or Support Staff of the Year.The nomination forms are available on-line on the TCPS website homepage

Nominations for both Teacher of the Year and Support Staff of the Year are due by Friday, February 1st.Nominations will be reviewed by the selection committee to ensure that each candidate meets stated criteria and submitted to Administrators for approval.  Eligible nominees will choose whether or not to submit an application packet for consideration.  Four finalists will be selected for both Teacher of the Year and Support Staff of the Year.Finalists are recognized and winners announced at the annual Talbot Teacher of the Year and Support Staff of the Year Celebration on April 11, 2019.

Easton High School Students are Inducted into National Honor Society

A ceremony was held at Easton High School to induct one senior and 4 sophomores into The J. Willard Davis Chapter of the National Honor Society (NHS). NHS is a national organization established in 1921, which serves to recognize students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character.

To be considered for induction into the National Honor Society,students must meet minimum criteria which include a cumulative GPA equal to or greater than 86.5%, cumulative attendance rate equal to or greater than 94%, no more than 2 disciplinary referrals, and completion of at least 100 service learning hours.

The new inductees are (left to right) Taylan Brooks, Georgia Foster, Thatcher Knox, Henry Michaels and Colleen Pogue.

Qualifying students are given the opportunity to submit applications and recommendations, which are reviewed by Easton High School faculty. The Fall 2018 NHS inductees are as follows: Senior – Taylan Brooks; Sophomores – Georgia Foster, Thatcher Knox, Henry Michaels, and Colleen Pogue.

The induction ceremony included the lighting of the Knowledge Candle and the presentation of the Four Qualities of the National Honor Society by chapter officers Phoebe Fisher, President; Lucas Joshi, Vice President; Rachael Chansler, Treasurer and Emily Redmond, Secretary. This was followed by the reciting of the NHS Pledge by all current and newly inducted members.English Teacher Lenore Burkhardt serves as Easton High School’s National Honor Society Faculty Advisor.

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