Silver Linings Gifts “Pearls of Promise” for Eighth Year

Silver Linings staff member, Cassidy Stewart (left), presents a Pearls of Promise Necklace to Eliza Spurry.

Silver Linings, a sterling silver and gemstone jewelry store located in St. Michaels and Easton, will give every female graduate of Talbot County high schools a strand of freshwater pearls. Each necklace, valued at $75, is finished with a sterling silver clasp.

Aida Leisure, owner of Silver Linings and DBS Fine Jewelers, developed the initiative in 2011 as a way to give back to the community. Now in its eighth year, the Pearls of Promise project has gifted a strand of pearls to over 1,200 young women, Leisure estimates.

“These young woman will now own and wear a classic piece of jewelry,” says Leisure. “It may be the predominant accessory she wears for professional interviews. It very well could be worn on her wedding day, and she may even pass the necklace on to a child in future years. Even if she never purchases or receives another piece of fine jewelry in her life, she will always have her Pearls of Promise.”

Pearls are symbolic for Talbot County graduates, most of whom were born and raised on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, an area famous for the Eastern oyster. Pearls are formed within the soft shell of certain oyster species.

The Pearls of Promise necklaces will be distributed prior to graduation, allowing students the opportunity to wear their pearls at commencement ceremonies.

High resolution image available for download via Dropbox:

About Silver Linings

Silver Linings is a sterling silver and gemstone jewelry store located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore in St. Michaels and Easton. Shop nautical and Chesapeake Bay themed jewelry, designer collections, and one-of-a-kind pieces in stores or online at For more information, call 410-745-0266 or 410-822-7333.

Neavitt Flea Market Set for June 2

A village-wide flea market is once again being held in Neavitt, the scenic waterfront town near St. Michaels, on Saturday, June 2, from 8 a.m. to noon (rain date June 3 at 1 p.m.) The market will have some 20 tables of vendors with bargains galore. Unusual collectibles, tools, boat gear, antiques, books, furniture, sports equipment, pottery, dishes and housewares will be up for grabs in the Neavitt county park. As in past years, local nonprofits are expected with their mobile exhibits.

For those who arrive hungry or need a break, breakfast and lunch food, plus beverages and baked goods, will be for sale in the Park Pavilion Café, catered by the United Methodist Church of Neavitt. For kids, the adjacent playground has swings and slides.

Neavitt is about 15 minutes west of St. Michaels. Take Route 33 west to Route 579 and turn left; Neavitt is eight miles down this road; a few blocks into town, just turn right at the Talbot County Park and follow signs for designated off-street parking.

The flea market is sponsored by the Neavitt Community Association and proceeds benefit the activities sponsored by the NCA.

A space is $10; a table is optional for an additional $10. To reserve either, contact Carol Krasnowiecki at 410-745-9127.

Talbot Historical Society Project Rewind: Fire on Dover Street

Let us hope the Easton Volunteer Fire Department made it in time to save this pictured Sewell Furniture Store located somewhere on Dover Street Easton, Maryland! Do you know where this building was and if it is still there?? Photo from the Talbot Historical Society’s H. Robins Hollyday Collection. H. Robins Hollyday was a professional photographer in Easton, Md. from the 1920’s until his death in 1981. His family donated his entire collection to the Talbot Historical Society.

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Spy Intern Moments: The 19th Annual Multicultural Festival

On Saturday, P.E.A.C.E. celebrated their 19th Annual Multicultural Festival. Over sixty regional partners and exhibitors came to show their support, along with seven performers. Children and adults alike were able to have fun and enjoy authentic food. In 2009, P.E.A.C.E partnered with the Avalon Foundation, elevating the festival’s growing popularity. For years, the Multicultural Festival has united the community and embraced our diversity.

The Spy Intern was there to capture some of the fun moments.

Seeking Beauty with the Maryland House and Garden Pilgrimage by Craig Fuller

The 81st Annual Maryland House and Garden Pilgrimage came to Talbot County this past weekend allowing hundreds of people to tour homes and historic sites. These tours in our county and throughout Maryland support the mission of the House and Garden Pilgrimage dedicated to historic preservation and restoration.

My part in all of this was small, but I’ve reflected on what I observed for the past couple days.

One of the homes on the tour belongs to good friends who live just a few houses from us. So, I helped transport those who came to tour the house by driving a golf cart. As hours passed, I met people going into Owls’ Nest on Canterbury Drive in Easton. Then, I saw them coming out.

They entered this beautiful home with great expectations. They came out with expectations seemingly exceeded.

In my three or four minutes with these hundreds of visitors, I found one common theme – they were searching for beauty. The wonderful thing is, they found it.

For the better part of a day, people could seek out the beauty of homes and gardens and find satisfaction. There was a smile on every face and anticipation that as wondrous as the experience just realized had been, the next stop might hold something even more beautiful.

I asked each group in my golf cart if they enjoyed their visit. They never just said “yes.” It went more like, “who couldn’t have a great time in the midst of so much beauty?” Or, “I just can’t believe how perfect everything was in that home.”

People of all ages participated. A number of people dedicated themselves for a day of walking in beautiful places who actually had great difficulty walking.

I’m pretty sure not one home on the tour had the 24/7 cable news shows running. And, I’m certain not one visitor missed the opportunity to hear the latest “Breaking News” tidbit breathlessly delivered. These folks had something more important they were seeking, at least for a day; they wanted to see beautiful things.

Events like this do not happen without great organizers, wonderful volunteers and, of course, those who open their homes to hundreds of unknown visitors. While the organizers will probably find ways to thank those who made a donation to tour the locations in Talbot County, it is we who should thank them for giving so many the opportunity to seek out the beauty in our neighborhoods.

There are Pilgrimages remaining in Cecil County and St. Mary’s County. For more information about these and the Maryland House and Garden program, visit their site. To learn more about their work in Talbot County, click here

Talbot Historical Society Project Rewind: Turns on the TV (Now in Living Color)

Do we have any followers who remember when TVs looked like that!? The Talbot Historical Society database states this Laird Wise Collection photo if of an “ American Store TV presentation c. 1952”! Recognize anyone in this Laird Wise Collection photo? Bet those kids will enjoy watching the Mickey Mouse Club, Howdy Doody, the Lone Ranger and Hopalong Cassidy on that TV.

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Editor’s Note: For the next couple of months the Talbot Spy will attempt to colorize Project Rewind photos as an experiment. Please let us know if you prefer it to the orginal black and white photographs. 

“Skip the Bridge” this Summer with Inn at Perry Cabin

When I think of luxury travel, I imagine being on board the Venice-Simplon Orient Express, or crossing the Atlantic on board a ship like the “Constitution” where Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr began their romance in my favorite romantic movie, “An Affair to Remember”.

Recently I had the pleasure of joining other press colleagues as guests of the Inn at Perry Cabin to experience a new level of luxury service they offer their guests, the “Skip the Bridge” package.

Imagine it is a busy summer weekend and you dropped off your car at the Pier 7 Resort Marina in Annapolis at a reserved parking spot. Then you board the Inn at Perry Cabin’s luxurious 55 foot Hinckley yacht to begin an approximately forty-five minute cruise down the Bay. The two-man crew, immaculate in uniforms and white gloves, store your luggage below. As you sip complementary champagne, languidly relaxing on the open deck, the crew offers you gourmet treats from an apparently bottomless picnic basket.

You might glance at the Bay Bridge as you zip past and perhaps see a slow line of cars advancing along while you are relaxed and stress-free as you sip that second glass of champagne.

Once you arrive at the Inn, the crew takes your luggage to your VIP check-in and you continue your get-a-away stay in your luxury accommodation. After your visit and VIP check-out, you again board the Hinkley for your return trip back to the Pier 7 Marina. The cruise departs the Marina at 3:00 pm on Friday and departs the Inn at Perry Cabin at 2:00 pm on Sunday. The “Skip the Bridge” package is available through October 28, 2018 with a two-night minimum stay required.

For more information, please call 410-745-2200 or email

Jennifer Martella has pursued her dual careers in architecture and real estate since she moved to the Eastern Shore in 2004. Her award winning work has ranged from revitalization projects to a collaboration with the Maya Lin Studio for the Children’s Defense Fund’s corporate retreat in her home state of Tennessee.

Spy Food: The Mitchum Name Returns to Trappe

A few years ago, Mitchum’s Steak House opened up in the thriving metropolitan downtown of Trappe, MD. It was universally praised when it started for having excellent steaks, a first-class wine list, and attentive service, but one of the best parts of the new enterprise was the name itself.

For the name came from resident and famed Hollywood actor Robert Mitchum, who purchased Belmont Farms, a 280-acre waterfront estate not far from the center of town in 1959 to raise horses. The legendary “tough-guy” of American movies was proudly “unsocial” during his Talbot County years but his family nonetheless quickly became part of the community.

Sadly, the first Mitchum’s proved to be a victim of the great recession, which left a massive hole in downtown Trappe. And that is why the Spy was excited to learn from a recent field trip inspection that another Mitchum’s has opened its doors recently in the form of “Mitchum’s Tavern.”

The Spy has not been able to test the new menu but we’re grateful that a Mitchum is back in Trappe.

For more information about the new Mitchum’s please go Here

Celebrating Talbot County Vietnam Veterans with “The Wall That Heals”

The motto of my home state of Tennessee is “The Volunteer State”. My only brother volunteered for his country and joined the Air Force. He soon was sent to Vietnam until he was honorably discharged with the rank of Captain. My family was very lucky – Tom came home but many of the Eastern Shore’s and Talbot County’s families were not lucky. Seventy-eight names on the D.C. Vietnam Memorial Wall honor men from the Eastern Shore and eleven of those seventy-eight were from Talbot County. Eleven men who were sons, husbands, fathers and uncles who did not return, and the impact on their families and our small county was immeasurable.

I collaborated on a project with Maya Lin, the designer of the Wall, and I think her simple design had great power that resonates today. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund’s traveling exhibit with a three-fifths scale replica of the D.C. Memorial will arrive in Easton on May 31st. There will be a wreath-laying ceremony for Talbot County families of Veterans on June 1st at 6:00 pm and the Opening Ceremony will commence at 7:00 pm.

The Vietnam Traveling Wall of Easton, MD was formed to recognize the sacrifice of the all the men on the Wall and particularly those from the Eastern Shore. One of the numerous sub committees, (the KIA/MIA committee) has spent the past nine months diligently trying to locate family members of the seventy-eight servicemen. Sixty-six families have been located and contacted. Invitations were sent and those relatives will be attending numerous wreath laying ceremonies throughout the week.  

As a special way to honor the eleven men from Talbot County, banners were created with images of each of their faces with the words “REMEMBER ME”. The banners have been mounted on utility poles along Washington Street.  This reminds us that these men were everyday people – friends, neighbors and colleagues who went to war and left behind beloved families and friends. It is our way of letting them and their families know that they are never forgotten for their sacrifice and the sacrifice of their families. After the Wall Traveling Exhibit leaves Easton, the banners will be given to each serviceman’s family.

To offset the cost of the exhibit and the banners, the Vietnam Traveling Wall of Easton, MD is partnering with Simpatico, Italy’s Finest, to host a wine dinner at Osteria Alfredo in Easton on Sunday, May 6th at 6:00 pm. The cost of the dinner is $65 plus tax and gratuity payable to the non-profit “Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall of Easton, MD” to aid their fundraising efforts. All profits will support the cost of bringing the Wall to Easton. 

 The menu with the food and wine pairings is:

First Course Caesar Salad  with Gemma di Luna Pinot Grigio

Second Course: Tortellini Boscaiola with Prosciutto and Cream, Ziobaffa Rosso Sangiovese/Syrah

Main Course, Choice of:
Rib Eye Steak Grilled Italian Style with Roasted Potatoes, La Lecciaia Sangiovese
Branzino with Zucchini and Lemon Sauce, Castellani Vermentino

Dessert: Gelato

Throughout the evening, the Owner of Simpatico, Bobbi Parlett, will share information about each wine. Simpatico will also be taking orders for the wine being served at the dinner and will donate all profits towards the Wall project. 

Please call or text 610-209-5409 to make a reservation or for more information.

Jennifer Martella has pursued her dual careers in architecture and real estate since she moved to the Eastern Shore in 2004. Her award winning work has ranged from revitalization projects to a collaboration with the Maya Lin Studio for the Children’s Defense Fund’s corporate retreat in her home state of Tennessee.


Spy Report: The 24th Annual Oxford Day

Perfect weather for a parade and the wide assortment of activities scheduled for Oxford Day made for a great event here in Talbot County. As an event that describes itself as “…always uniquely Oxford,” it lived up to its billing. There were plenty of people, bands, dogs, fire trucks and even boats moving along in the parade through Oxford.

Volunteers were preparing brats, burger, hotdogs, and fries. All this and more was being enjoyed and then capped off with ice cream from Highlands Creamery.

There were some interesting opportunities for people visiting the area. For some, it was a great chance to experience Oxford from the water and learn more about the historic oyster industry by signing-up for a free ride on the skipjack “Nathan of Dorchester.” Oxford Day marks the opening of the season for the Oxford Bellevue Ferry which has been in existence since 1683!

A wonderful time was being had by one and all. About the only thing that might spoil the day would be to get stuck in the mud….