Highlights from Congressman Andy Harris’ Town Hall Meeting


While 1st District Congressman Andy Harris has hosted dozens of town hall meetings since he took office in 2011, it is unlikely that he has ever experienced anything like what took place at Chesapeake College Friday evening. With a standing room only crowd over 900 in size, the Congressman attempted to respond to a number of pre written questions on health care, the Trump administration, immigration reform, and the health of the Chesapeake Bay to a generally hostile crowd of Mid-Shore residents.

Here are a few highlights from this evening’s event.

This video is approximately fourteen minutes in length. A broadcast of the entire meeting will air on the Avalon Foundation’s MCTV in Talbot County Monday at 3pm and 9pm. 

Letters to Editor

  1. Eliza Smith says

    Last Night’s Town Hall meeting in Easton , Maryland

    I would like to thank Andy Harris for all of his hard work for the state of Maryland.
    The majority of the people at last night’s town hall meeting were extremely disrespectful and unmannerly. They screamed, yelled and booed overtop of Dr. Harris throughout the entire meeting. Dr. Harris prepared a short presentation and the unruly attendees would not listen to it. The shouters would not follow basic rules of conduct and it was apparent that their objective was to raise havoc rather than listen to Dr. Harris. The screamers were especially demanding and very childlike in their behaviors. It’s unfortunate that some people wanted hear what Dr. Harris tried to share, but instead had to endure a crowd of disorderly and rowdy “adults”.

  2. After viewing the latest Town Hall event sponsored by our Congressman, Andy Harris, I have concluded there are times that is a blessing to be deaf, for which I qualify…Others have filled me in on the blank spaces of the event, and I obviously missed nothing…
    The people attending this event had no interest in Andy’s presentation other than to use him as the victim of the day for their nasty obscene words, along with their volatile and irrational anger that has exploded like a gross stomach flu, across our country. The asylum has been opened to expose a population that has sunk to the lowest levels of humanity…they have lost their grasp of logic and reason and have been reduced to the level of screaming banshees , applauding their minions who can scream the loudest, shrillest and the foulest among them.
    Who knows what they were there for, or what they expected to gain for having all their professionally made signs to wave along with their rants…Their reason, what ever it might have been was lost in the throes of their irrationality. The event was little more than what I, with my missing variance of sounds, amounted to nothing but a jumble of anger, frustration, and a missed opportunity to come together and try to find understanding and a shared purpose to improve our diffusion of ideas.
    This madness is spreading to every corner of our lives…it’s our friends, neighbors and even relatives who are being consumed with this malignancy…It must stop! This is America, and we are the Americans who have always believed in our unity of our purpose and survival of our country…This evil that is spreading must be stopped, or all that our fathers and forefathers have fought for will only prove itself to be a bad joke to those who believed in the values passed down through the generations.
    I’ve always believed we are part of a great country, one worthy of pride with the capabilities in times of trouble, to rise up and move on in unity…It’s past time to prove we still have the stamina to move beyond our grievances, displaying our worth by coming together for the goal of saving a nation that it seems some of us are hell bent on destroying.
    Let’s not just talk about this, let’s do it…Let’s give to our children, and the children of the future, the country what we had and believed in. Its’ the right thing to do!

  3. Deirdre LaMotte says

    The remarks above are so out of touch with what the facts are regarding Andy Harris and his Town Hall. He won his district only because of gerrymandering and a huge amount of PAC money; pac money was something his predissessor Wayne Gilcreast refused to take. Harris allotted 1 hour for his town hall and began eating up the time with a
    power point lecture on out-dated trickle down theories that jibe with his financial supporter: the Koch brothers Club For Growth, the NRA and big Pharma. His constituents
    want answers not lectures. They want him to answer for his dismal record in Congress, his constant vote against the ACA (60 times) without
    any viable alternative, his dismal environmental record…always industry ($$) over the Bay, his disgusting obsession with women’s reproductive
    rights and his lack of any concern for understanding the plight of those less fortunate. He needs to go and people are mad!

  4. Bill Todd says

    All one has to do is watch the video to see that David Montgomery’s piece and Ms. Smith’s and Kilmon’s comments better describe the boorish and unproductive behavior of the attendees. Those who think like the attendees need to use their energy in productive ways rather than disruptive ways.

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