Letter to Editor: After El Paso and Dayton, Congressman Harris Needs to Take Action


It is early Sunday morning, August 4, 2019.  Yesterday families in El Paso Texas and Dayton, Ohio woke up and they had fathers, mothers, kids, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends.  This morning, at least 30 of those families are grieving because they don’t have those fathers, mothers, kids, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends.

So I am writing to you early on this Sunday morning to ask you to do something to make sure other families, today, tomorrow, the next day don’t have to begin grieving too.

You are an elected leader.  Your constituents elected you to take on the many problems our country faces, propose solutions, and enact laws that might begin to address them.

Today, not tomorrow, not the day after, you have to address the problem of gun violence in our country.  You have to ban assault weapons, demand background checks for every gun purchaser, and improve mental health care.  You must also begin impeachment proceedings to replace a president who denigrates as “vermin” anyone whose heritage is different from his own and encourages violence against innocent people who are immigrants, just as your parents were.

In 1962, Bob Dylan asked a question that I am now asking you.  “How many deaths will it take till he knows that too many people have died”? Will 20 people in El Paso do it?  Another 9 in Dayton? 3 in Gilroy?  Why didn’t 20 kids and 7 of their teachers in Newtown get the message across to you?  Or 11 people in Pittsburgh? 17 in Parkland?

How many deaths will it take until you know that too many people have died and you decide you decide to use the power your constituents gave you to do something about it?

We’re waiting for an answer, Congressman Harris.

Linda Cades


Letters to Editor

  1. Smyth, Frederick says

    We want elected officials to fix every problem, but take no responsibility on ourselves. Why did the shooting at El Paso happen and why Dayton. Let’s blame guns, let’s blame senators and little congressmen. Oh yes, lets blame schools, parenting and society. Somewhere in there is to blame. Why wait on any of these, why not get off our collective butts and go to the streets and be a neighbor, a friend=, a mentor ?

    • Being nice to one another is always a good idea. But, yes, we would like our elected officials to do something – unless we want to remain number one for suffering 10 times the number of gun deaths as other civilized nations.

  2. Mary Malkus says

    Great letter! Somehow we, the people have to push Congress to action.


  3. Suzanne Todd says

    Thank you, Linda. Thoughts and prayers once again. Flags at half mast. How many shooting deaths are required for the flag to fly at half mast? We may as well just leave it there as this is an every day occurrence in our country. A national tragedy.

  4. Joyce Stambagh says

    Thank you for addressing this issue. I live in PA but my sentiments are 100% in agreement with your Message.

  5. Alan Boisvert says

    Harris like a Republicans belong to the Trump party now. Harris will not respond, he has been bought and paid for by corporation Trump. I hope all the 1st district morons who voted for Harris are still happy.

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