Letter to the Editor: Councilwoman Price’s Hypocrisy Knows no Bounds


U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who served Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon with distinction and in a non – partisan manner; once noted “everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not to their own facts”.

Good advice to those who have been reading the never-ending deluge of letters to the editor in various local media from individuals who have expressed their own opinions without facts to back up them up. The only fact that can be verified is an intense dislike of the following members of the Talbot County Council – Jennifer Williams, Corey Pack and Chuck Callahan. This fact was especially apparent in comments made on one issue currently before the County Council.

That issue is the vote on Next Step 190; a vote on the full revision of the zoning code which is almost 300 pages in length. As is the case with virtually every relatively complex and controversial land use and development matter, the public is always best served with thoughtful consideration. Unfortunately, opinions have been expressed that Council members Williams, Pack and Callahan have taken unprecedented steps to delay decisions on this matter. This simply isn’t true.

It is and has been the policy of Council to defer a vote until the next meeting upon the request of ANY Council member. Up until the August 28, 2018 Council meeting, every Council member had respectfully agreed to observe that long standing practice. That all changed when Councilwoman Laura Price decided unilaterally to disregard that policy and publicly denounced fellow Council member Chuck Callahan for not being ready to vote.

Her lack of respect for and civility to a colleague was disturbing, particularly since she herself has made use of this policy in the past when every other Council member but Councilwoman Price was ready and wanted to vote on an issue. In this respect, Councilwoman Price’s hypocrisy knows no bounds. This hypocrisy rivals what we are witnessing in the halls of Congress where disrespect and the advancement of one’s own political interests come before time honored and useful rules of engagement.

Is this really the type of person we need on the Talbot County Council?

Sears Wheeler

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  1. Robert Haase says

    In response to Mr. Wheelers letter I’d say Ms. Price is exactly who Talbot County needs to represent its voters. In the case of Next Step 190, she did her homework visited and listened to all points of view, it just so happened the majority were not in favor of the Short Term Rental section as it was. Ms. Price and Mr. Bartlett stepped up and introduced amendments that would have reined in the proliferation of transit rentals and the lowering of property values in residential neighborhoods as requested by 100’s of county residents.
    If anyone should be questioned it should be Ms. Williams, she after having weeks to put forward an amendment she choose to do it Friday before Tuesday’s meeting which was the last day the bill could be voted on. This gave no time for serious review and no time for a public hearing, which all others did. Also when she did introduce her amendment she described all her changes and why she was making them except one, her amendment removed the requirement to provide a copy of a liability insurance policy for the property clearly indicating the policy was written for a Short Term Rental. This requirement was part of the old license application and was added to Next Step 190 by the Planning Commission. When brought up by Ms. Price Williams said she did because the County does not ask this of Hotels or Inn’s she is right however the County does not issue license to them either. I think someone renting a licensed Short Term Rental would expect the County who issued the license would make sure proper insurance is in place. Their is a Councilwomen we don’t need but its not Ms. Price.

    • Dr. Anthony J. Calabro says

      Kudos to Mr. Haase! Excellent!

      One consideration is of the insurance issue of STRs. As soon as a child slips from a dock and drowns, or a renter accidentally begins a fire due to his unfamiliarity with a stove/grill, or a renter backs out of the driveway and injures a toddler behind his car, or a slip and fall down unfamiliar stairs occurs, a homeowner will promptly discover that his ‘homeowner’ insurance will not cover his law suits because ‘renting’ requires ‘special’ ‘business insurances, not homeowners insurance. Insurance coverage examined by officials is critical in allowing a recognized and LICENSED STR business to exist. Not to require insurance parameters may expose the County to liability, or at a minimum, the hundreds of thousands of dollars in the cost of defense. Protect yourselves, the County, and us taxpayers. Accidents do happen. Ms. Price and Mr. Bartlett were aware, yet the Real estate lawyer President of the Council voted against this. Why? No explanation to date has been offered. The issue has been ignored and not addressed, just as the wishes of the majority of Talbot resident’s wishes, as well as their best interests were ignored by this lady and her ‘Pack’. And Mr. Callahan too. Why?
      Ms. Price is courageous, informed, well prepared, available, and addresses issues and does not ignore the issues and the desires of the majority of constituents as she was sworn to do so. She needs commendations and accolades, our monies and our votes.

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