Letter to the Editor: The Poodle


Andy Harris has become a poodle. Unlike all other members of Maryland’s Congressional delegation, he refuses to take up his Constitutional duty to supervise the executive branch. He will not call out the Trump Administration when it goes astray.

There was no need for the family separation crises on our southern border. It was entirely fabricated by President Trump. He created the crises and ended the crises with the stroke of his pen. Trump was alone responsible for separating children from their parents; not the Democrats, not Hillary Clinton, not the Republicans in Congress, not Barak Obama. One wonders whether this entire charade was to whip up his base for the midterms.

But Andy Harris blames Barak Obama. He wrongly maintains that the Obama policy of releasing asylum seekers with ankle bracelets meant that “most never showed” for their court hearings. This is false. In fact, 99% of the asylum seekers did attend for their hearings under the Obama policy. In his statement, Mr. Harris doesn’t mention the ankle bracelets. He also doesn’t say that the Trump Administration followed the same procedure without causing family separations for 18 months. The ankle bracelets were not only effective, but they meant that there was no need for housing; asylum seekers were released on their own recognizance.

Harris is clearly afraid to call out Trump for this entire charade. He attempts to duck the issue by falsely blaming Barak Obama. Show some courage, Andy! Stand up when you see something is wrong. Don’t roll over and beg for a bone from Mr. Trump. Your constituents need you to speak out when the executive branch is out of line. Don’t act like a poodle.

Carl Widell
St. Michaels

Letters to Editor

  1. John Fischer says:

    I think it would be a good idea for The Spy to avoid partisan political outbursts of all stripes.

  2. Hugh (Jock) Beebe says:

    As a dog lover and long standing admirer of poodles, among the brightest of dogs, I resent the invidious comparison with Representative Harris as completely unfair to poodles.

    Hugh (Jock) Beebe

    • Leigh Rollins says:

      I quite agree! We’ve had 3 poodles who were highly intelligent and didn’t kowtow to anyone.

  3. You would think Andy might at least be concerned about the cost, if not the chaos and heartbreak caused by these ill-conceived policies.

  4. First let me declare my impartiality – I am neither for not against Andy Harris. I am for poodles and I take great exception to those use poodles as an example of tame animals who only do your bidding. Poodles are exceptionally intelligent. They do not suffer fools lightly. They do not do your bidding. They are too intelligent to get used as seeing eye dogs. They are happy to be trained by you if you are someone they respect otherwise they are stubborn as all get out. To declare Andy Harris as a poodle is to demean poodles. Andy Harris may not be to your liking but to call him a poodle who only follows orders is incorrect. Poodles follow their own minds.

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