Letter to the Editor: Time for a New 1st District Congressman


If Andy Harris wanted to be an effective Congressman ….

He would put the fiscal health of our country ahead of his wealthy backers and fondness for the military. The Freedom Caucus has voted to reduce taxes on the wealthy while increasing the deficit by trillions of dollars. This is NOT fiscal conservatism.

He would support comprehensive immigration reform, including protection for DACA Dreamers, ahead of his myopic support for temporary workers to aid our local seafood industry in the First District.

He would support common sense gun measures, including a ban on assault rifles, to better protect schoolchildren instead of mischaracterizing such measures as an assault on the 2nd Amendment. 2018 has been deadlier for school children than the military.

Andy Harris, we now have the opportunity to end your service in Congress. We have watched as your votes in Congress have repeatedly favored an elite few while the rest of your district struggles.

In June, the Democrats will select a strong candidate who will defeat you in November and serve our District with integrity and vision.

Warren Davis
Madge Henning

Letters to Editor

  1. The story is correct. Andy Harris, one of Emperor Chump’s biggest apologists, cares very little about the real people who live in this district. His immigration policy bears this out as our critically important seafood producers are on the verge of collapse without the seasonal workers needed for crab picking.

    It’s time for a change. Michael Pullen, a mature, responsible and honest man who served for 24 years as Talbot County Attorney is far and away the best candidate running. He’s not splashy and doesn’t speak in sound bites because life is more complex (OMG!) than a tweet. We need this guy to be our representative. End the tyrrany of ignorance!

    William Nerenberg
    Tilghman Island

  2. Liz Freedlander says

    Our congressional district could have the opportunity to elect Jesse Colvin, a democratic primary candidate for Harris’s office.
    He is a former army ranger who served four tours in Afghanistan/Iraq. He has learned impressive leadership skills in the crucible of war. He is 33, a husband and father. He is a moderate who believes strongly that it is important to speak a language that keeps all points of view at the table instead of sending people to their idiological corners. He comes from a family whose culture is public service. I encourage everyone to check out his website. Young people are the future and Jesse is a fine example of a person who would represent the majority of us who live close to the middle of the political system.

  3. Anne Worthington says

    As I understand it, the Hippocratic Oath enjoins doctors, first do no harm. Clearly, “Dr” Harris does not understand this. Nor does he understand that he was elected to serve the people of the 1st District of Maryland and not a pack of political/financial hacks. Time to retire this sorry excuse for a “servant of the people.”

  4. Alan Boisvert says

    Good riddance Andy Harris….you are an embarrassment to the great state of Maryland

  5. William Burton says

    Will the Democrats never tire of trying to foster jealousy amongst our different strata of economic diversity. They miss the entire point that we all benefit from a strong economy.

    As far as DACA goes, they continue to use the illusory term of “Dreamers” rather than the true description of illegal alien. These people are in our country illegally and as a group are far from the exceptional humans the Democrats would like you to believe.

    As far as the outrageous violence we suffer in our schools, the Democrats would have you believe it is the fault of the weapon. Their outrageous resistance to accept it is a mental health issue continues to astound thoughtful citizens.

    I am no fan of Andy Harris, as a conservative I feel we can do far better. The issue with Andy is that he is not very smart. The issue with the points discussed in the letter above are that the Democrats do not understand the world and seek to divide not unite and prosper.

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