Never Interrupt When They are Making a Mistake by David Montgomery


President Trump needs to start following the rule: “Never interrupt your enemies when they are making a mistake.” So many lost opportunities to be the winner by just being silent.

That is one of the reasons I have not been writing about the antics of Democrats trying to elbow their way into the crowd at the far left of their party. It is why this column will be short, depending on how many amusing examples I encounter. I sympathize with the President, because I cannot resist listing some of the larger holes into which I hope the Democrats will continue digging themselves.

Beto forgetting to tell Nancy Pelosi’s 16-year-old voters, who I think he believes have never had a civics lesson with content beyond “white privilege,” that the electoral college is mandated in the Constitution. They might just think he was wasting their time if they ever realize that the chances of an amendment abolishing the electoral college being approved by the same states that benefit from it are, well, nil.

Somehow the publicity that Beto gets for this and other ridiculous promises is biting him where it hurts. The more publicity Beto gets, the more we are also learning about his children’s books advocating mass murder and his history of drunk driving and hacking. Keep it up.

Joe Biden announcing that he is the most progressive candidate, when everyone else knows that the only appeal he ever had was as a bumbling, sometimes amusing, good old Irish boy.

AOC for every word that has come out of her mouth, not to mention chicanery about her actual residence and campaign finance. And a shout-out for the media who are promoting her as the leader of the new Democratic party and making sure everyone gets the idea that voting Democrat is voting AOC.

Her media admirers seem unconcerned that their constant coverage is allowing just about everyone to observe how young, pretty and utterly uninformed about any matter of substance she is.

The others are much less amusing. Ms. Omar’s outspoken and gratuitous anti-Semitism is even putting off her own Somali constituency in Minnesota, with the high point being her “all about the Benjamins” tweet concerning AIPAC and donations. Ms. Tlaib accused Senate supporters of Israel of having “dual loyalties.” The two are working hard to reveal the underlying anti-Semitism of the entire “Boycott, Divest, Sanctions” movement.

It is almost as if some Islamophobes got together to invent the first two Muslim women to be elected to Congress, so as to imprint a caricature on the minds of voters the next time a Moslem runs for office.

The governor of Virginia, whose endorsement of the idea that parents and doctors can decide whether to kill a living baby after its birth turned into the best boost the pro-Life cause has had since the Planned Parenthood videos.

But he is second to Governor Cuomo in the sheer outrageousness of his glee at making it legal to kill babies born alive, and in provoking some Catholic bishops to point out that he has excommunicated himself under canon law.

We must not forget packing the Supreme Court. Beto and his imitators want to appoint 6 more Justices when one of them is elected President. Short of a ruling by that Court that the Constitution confers a previously unrecognized right on the sitting Democrat to occupy the White House forever, the next Republican will realize that appointing 12 new justices will restore the textualist majority. After a few years there will be more Supreme Court justices than basketball playoff games and we will have “Washington Madness” all year.

The Democrat party is living in Dreamland. If they spend the next two years trying to prove that Mueller missed something in his investigation, promoting the ridiculous Green New Deal and promising the wishful Medicare for All, voters are going to start recognizing that all they are hearing is a beep-beep-beep from outer space.

I know you don’t read my column, so keep it up Democrats. I would hate to interrupt your self-destruction.

David Montgomery is retired from a career of teaching, government service and consulting, during which he became internationally recognized as an expert on energy, environmental and climate policy.  He has a PhD in economics from Harvard University and also studied economics at Cambridge University and theology at the Catholic University of America,   David and his wife Esther live in St Michaels, and he now spends his time in front of the computer writing about economic, political and religious topics and the rest of the day outdoors engaged in politically incorrect activities.

Letters to Editor

  1. Rebecca Gaffney says

    Thank you David Montgomery for once again adding your wisdom to The Talbot Spy. Your column is one of the few that fills a desperate need for common sense and critical thinking which is becoming rare to now find in this publication.

  2. beep-beep-beep Mr. Montgomery phone home.

  3. J t Smith says

    I am a Democrat who reads your column when it is less than 2000 words. I happily concede that the early field for the Democratic nomination has flaws and that non candidate AOC is too attention prone. That said, it would be helpful if you could identify things you like about the incumbent. Surely not his fiscal prudence. Surely not his espousal of tarriffs and erosion of an international trading that has offered US consumers many benefits. Surely not his attacks on the news media, with the exception of Fox, or his disparagement of our intelligence agencies. Surely not his consistently uncouth and boorish behavior. Perhaps you favor his failing, market-contrary efforts to restore reliance on coal as an electric power source. And I suppose you like his tax policies, although not their impact on fiscal balance.

  4. Of course this column is shorter. You spoke only of Democrats. Had our president’s “mistakes” been included, the lies would fill a book.
    As long as Republican records for earning Pinocchios are being shattered and our president finds himself “completely exonerated” of obstructing justice by a letter clearly stating otherwise, we must “interrupt.”

  5. David Lloyd says

    “utterly uninformed about any matter of substance” is the best statement made in this article. But, it is assigned to the wrong person: our president is the one who is so uninformed about anything at all except perhaps how best to keep his name in the media every day! And, who knows. Even that could be jeopardized by the Justice Department if they determine his “tweeting” is private! (They don’t want people to be allowed to respond to his tweeting!) As a Democrat who does read Mr. Montgomery just to see how the “other 1/3 thinks,” I do find it hard to believe that he still thinks our current president is worthy of support.

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