Open Letter to Council President Williams: Can Mr. Pack Really Vote By Proxy?

Dear Ms. Williams,
You refused to permit Bill 1401 and it’s amendments to be voted on tonight, out of “Councilmanic Courtesy” to yourself and Mr. Callahan, who “need more time” to think about the issues!  No matter the discourtesy to the many citizens who have been so fully engaged and went out of their way to attend the meeting.  The other three Council Members—Price, Bartlett and Pack—announced that they desired to vote this evening, but you and Mr. Callahan would not relent, even though both the Bradley room and anteroom were overflowing, and many people left because they could not get in.  (It’s also notable that, even though it’s been on the website since Friday, you apparently lacked the will to introduce the ill-founded substitute amendment to Ms. Price’s “Amendment 4” dealing with sewer extensions and rezoning.)
I am sure I speak for very many of your constituents when I urgently ask about the implication of  Mr. Pack’s absence at the next Council Meeting on Sept 11th, which he announced at tonight’s Council meeting.
Would you kindly consult with the County Office of Law and inform the public about these matters:
  • Is Mr. Pack really entitled to grant a proxy to any other person, which I think he stated tonight to be his intention?  That sounds patently wrong.
  • If he is not voting by proxy or in person, then is it correct that every matter where a vote ends 2-2 means that the motion fails?
  • With the Council seemingly divided so evenly on most every issue of importance, how do you intend to bring Bills 1401 and 1402 to resolution?
  • If Bill 1401 is not passed by September 13th, I understand from Mr. Kupersmith that it automatically dies (whatever the proper terminology).  Can it be immediately re-introduced?  If so, what does that mean in terms of process?  New advertising and new public hearings?
  • Since this Council cannot vote on anything in November, does that mean a reintroduced Bill 1401 would have to carry over to the next Council?
Ms. Williams, I assure you the public is most anxious to understand this process, and if you have any pretensions to leadership, we all ask that you and Mr. Kupersmith fully  inform the public as to these matters right away.  I’d urge you to call a press conference by week’s end to address these critical questions in these extraordinary circumstances.
Dan Watson

Letters to Editor

  1. Meg Olmert says

    I was one of the overflowing masses who braved the heat advisory to attend last night’s meeting. Ms. Williams was not the least concerned with or impressed by this public outpouring. I found her attitude to be arrogant and obstructive leaving me to wonder, who does she represent? Surely not me or the citizens at the courthouse last night nor the many more who’ve written in to support
    Bill 1401 and Ms Price’s amendment.

    I second Mr Watson’s call for immediate clarification on the legality and logistics of ensuring the public’s demands in this matter are honored without further delay.

  2. Hugh (Jock) Beebe says

    Thank you Mr. Watson for your tireless effort to bring clarity and sustained interest on these important land use issues.

    Legislative maneuvers created with ulterior motives are surrounded by arcane detail that most of us lack ability or patience enough to understand. But, thanks to you, it is possible to recognize their importance, now and perhaps greater in the future.

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