Talbot County Year in Review with Dirck Bartlett


Over the next five weeks, the Talbot Spy will be conducting individual “year in review” interviews with members of the Talbot County Council to discuss the highlights and disappointments in 2015 as well as important challenges for 2016. We begin the series with Councilperson Dirck Bartlett.

In his interview the Spy, Dirck talks about the debate on the future of the Talbot Boys confederate soldier monument on the County Courthouse lawn and a detailed analysis of the current flaws in the proposed changes to the Talbot County Comprehensive Plan which Barlett fears would have serious unintended consequences for the western part of the county.

This video is approximately eight minutes in length


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Letters to Editor

  1. Willard Tod Engelskirchen says:

    I would like to thank Mr. Bartlett for his work. He is responsive to my emails. None of the other members have responded.

    I am someone who lives in either one of the villages or close to it – I looked at the map and am still uncertain whether I am in Bozman village or not. I am very uneasy when the subject of sewers comes up. Would sewers allow development of houses on small lots? Would multiple family homes come to a development near me?

    All of this causes me to be more than a little cautious. It is easy to be concerned for the landholder who looks at his large piece of land and thinks that, if developed, it could be worth a multiple of what it is now. However, the restrictions on development either by statute or by accident due to lack of services are one thing that keeps this place somewhat rural. Most of us bought our land knowing the restrictions on its use and lot sizes allowed.

    We had a village meeting some time ago. There is no way that all of those who have property in the village were involved. On my lane there are only 2 of 6 full time residents. The others are only weekend residents or spend half the year somewhere else.

    One suggestion for the county might be to ramp up the communication about all of this to the residents. Meetings I or my wife have attended have been packed. Opportunity to speak is limited to say the least. Many of my neighbors have no clue as to what is going on. The feeling is that the county is treating us like mushrooms…… kept in the dark and covered in you know what. Mr. Bartlett is an exception to this for sure.

    There are those who are trying to keep the light on relative to all this. I thank them also.

    tod engelskirchen

  2. Janice Johnson says:

    January 25, 2016
    It was refreshing to see and hear Councilman Bartlett on Talbot Spy. He represents a credible, knowledgeable and articulate spokesperson for the folks of the County. He understands that he represents all Citizens of Talbot County and he understands that his position carries a promise to be faithful to the Vision in the Comprehensive Plan.
    In our village discussions about revisions to the Comp Plan, we have been astonished at the deliberate attempt to restrict the democratic principles of inclusive government. If that was beyond belief, Council President said to the Talbot Spy that maybe the process could have been explained better! Yes it should have been explained, not just explained better. We are left to speculate why they used the tactic of shutting down conversations, haven’t exclusions usually brought out resentments and negative relations?
    I am speaking out as an active member of our Village that wishes to let the Talbot County Council know that our way of life feels threatened. Unless the beloved nature of our land, its villages and towns can honor the traditions and visions of the last 65 years we will become victims. We are concerned and we are losing confidence that our elected leaders have our best interest at heart. We have to ask, “Who has sway with our Council”?
    Sherwood and the other Western Villages are wonderful places to live, but we live in a fragile place surrounded by water that is at risk, land that is vulnerable critical wetlands and largely in flood plains and served by a 2 lane road for all in and out traffic including emergency and disaster. Yes, we are right to feel threatened and we must speak out about some of the underlying judgements the County Council inserted into the Planning Commission’s 2015 Comp Plan.
    Recently, the Public Works Advisory Board pointed out to the Planning Commission and the Planning Staff the out-of-date road study is a major weakness for working on present and projected issues for Route 33. And now, add the recently announced annexation plan by the Town of Easton. It is easy to see that commercial development on Rt. 33 will increase the problems of an already congested road. When will our political leaders understand, increased population density, traffic congestion and safety are by nature in conflict?
    We pledge to be untiring as we continue to object. We are “opening the door” for the people to speak out. Our observers are monitoring the Planning Commission as they work through the revisions the County Council has made. We will use Talbot Spy, Star Democrat, village newsletters to our citizens, letters to the Council and our 3 minute testimonies when allowed to speak as concerned citizens who wish to make sure County Council’s knows how we feel about their apparent disrespect for their constituents. We do count even though we may not be “the special ones”.
    Several weeks ago Mr. McConnell spoke to the questionable legal authority of the Council to revise the Planning Commission’s original 2015 Comprehensive Plan, that issue remains a lingering concern.
    Thank you for the opportunity for one of many to express our positions.
    Janice Johnson
    Village of Sherwood

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