Talbot County Year in Review with Jennifer Williams


Editor’s note: Over the last five weeks, the Talbot Spy has been conducting individual “year in review” interviews with members of the Talbot County Council to discuss the highlights and disappointments in 2015 as well as significant challenges for 2016. We continue the series with Council member Jennifer Williams.

Jennifer Williams freely admits to being one of the new kids on the block in her new role on the Talbot County Council. While Jennifer has lived in Talbot for more than twenty-five years, it is not until she saw county government up close and personal that she began to really appreciate how complex and diverse this community is.

In her Spy interview, Ms. Williams talks about those first impressions, as well as her first year experience os such hot topic issues as land use legislation like Talbot County Bill 1305 and the current draft of the County’s 2015 Comprehensive plan. She also talks about the Council’s decision Talbot Boys statue and what she will be looking forward to in 2016.

This video is approximately thirteen minutes in length 


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  1. Willard Tod Engelskirchen says:

    So, Ms Williams does not think that “push-back” of 1000 out of 37000 is significant. In most situations where the writer has to 1) figure out who to write and 2) compose and send a document, a response of 3% would be amazing. But not to the current Talbot County Council.
    The citizens are to trust her and her 4, count them 4, cohorts to do the right thing after they ignored the Planning Commission and its work.
    Getting those who disagree off the commission must make things easier.
    Ms Williams tells us that any change will take years. Tell me that when the new development at 322 and 33 is built out and traffic for those of us who come from beyond that area gets truly out of hand. We need even more development? Or should it be where roads exist to handle it.
    The good news is that, if it does take years, those of us who live here may have the opportunity to elect a County Council which will listen to us and have our interests in mind. We will have to work at this the next time new candidates for the Council are reviewed. There will be a lot of work to do!!! Selection of candidates is critical.
    I am one of those who wrote an email. Funny, I never got a response from Ms Williams though I did get one from another member of the Council – who said he agreed with me.

  2. Jennifer’s statement about Royal Oaks folks is incorrect. I suspect she is unaware about people of the Bay Hundred – all of it – that are aligned with and supporting Citizens for Managed Growth. Hope she gets better information in the future, we in the Bay Hundred care deeply about the commitment our present 5 County Council members made during their campaigns, to wit: “. . . to maintain the Quality of Life and Rural Character . . ” in Talbot County. Of course, once elected it’s very unfortunate once candidates / now politicians change positions to reveal positions not expressed during their respective campaigns and Public Forums. Owen Wormser

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