The Night I Won the Raffle or How We Can Make a Difference by Suzanne Price


Brothers are the hardest to shop for – but last year I nailed it.

He and his wife are cooks, so I bought them some esoteric olive oils from Olivins of St. Michaels. I knew that my mother and sister would love the jewelry I found for them. Over the next half hour I bought more delightful gifts for other members of my family and friends. As I sat down for dinner with new sisters and old sisters, I realized that I had a lot of my Christmas shopping done…in early November!

I didn’t come to the Soroptimist Gala to shop, I came here for the party and the camaraderie of 100 women from Talbot County, so this was a bonus!

I was simply having a great time at “Girls’ Night Out”, the annual fundraiser for the Soroptimists of Talbot County… But, more on that later.

As I surveyed my loot, I saw the two bottles of wine I had gotten from the “Wine Pull”. This is where Soroptimist Members contribute a bottle of wine valued between $20 and $50 all wrapped up so you can’t see what it is. You then pay $20 for a wrapped bottle. You can’t lose if you like wine. Well, the first time I sort of lost, because my $20 only got a $25 bottle. So, I tried again and my next $20 got a $37 bottle of French Cabernet. Perhaps, tonight was my lucky night.

Anyway, I was polishing off a delicious surf and turf dinner at a table with eight women who are my friends from Soroptimist and others who I had just met, when all Hell broke loose.

Suddenly, lots of my friends starting looking at me. Some even pointed. Uh, oh, what had I done wrong? Had I taken the wrong bottle of wine, had I not paid for one of my gifts, did I have gobs of crab dip spilled on my blouse?

Then, the Soroptimist MC on the podium announced my name…and everybody looked at me again! But, she said it with a kind smile. She summoned me up to the stage. Before I got there, my old friends and my new friends started clapping… and, then I heard the Speaker say that I had won the Soroptimist Raffle! No way, Not me! I have never won anything like this before in my life!

But, yes it was me. And, I won $772.00!

So, I went to an event with my Sisters, bought almost half my Christmas presents, got two bottles of wine at a total bargain, and had dinner with my old and new friends. And, then I won the Raffle!

I have had worse nights.

But, the best thing about that evening was that I got to bond with women from all walks of life in Talbot County… Women who care for their families and their peers, but who also care and make a difference for others.

This year’s Girls’ Night Out event is being held next week, on Friday, November 3, at the Milestone in Easton. The proceeds go towards programs that help women and girls in Talbot County and the surrounding areas. In fact, they’ll be awarding checks to four organizations who work directly with women and girls right here: Habitat for Humanity Women’s Build, Ladies of Nia, Hunger Coalition, and Foundation of Hope.

I am just telling a simple story. But, there are 50 incredible women at Soroptimist who also have other delightful stories to tell.


There are 50 exemplary women in Talbot County who would like to meet you and bond with you next Friday. November 3. It is a party the likes of which you will not see anywhere else… and it is just for we women.

This is not a stiff fundraiser.

This is about women taking care of the women and daughters behind us.

This is where you will meet and make new friends

This is just a really fun event

Join us for the fun. You can buy your ticket at:

Suzanne Price is a nationally acclaimed Interior Designer, and the Director or Training and Education for Decorating Den Interiors America’s largest franchisee of design studios. The worldwide Headquarters of Decorating Den is located in Easton, but Suzanne, and her male dog, are located in St. Michaels. Suzanne is an enthusiastic member of the Soroptimists. Her dog, due to gender reasons, is not allowed to attend this event

Letters to Editor

  1. Carol Cook says:

    Good news on an opportunity to support women and girls on the eastern shore of MD!

  2. Cindy Whaley says:

    Fun article for a fun event! Come join us on Friday if you can!!

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