Talbot Spy Senior Nation

A News and Resource Portal for a New Generation

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Simply stated, the Mid-Shore has one of the most extraordinarily large and diverse senior communities in the United States.  In addition to its own,  ever growing,  native population of citizens over 60 years old, the Eastern Shore has become one of the most sought out retirement communities for countless Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C.; residents attracted to the local beauty of the Chesapeake and its extraordinarily diverse cultural opportunities.

To match this remarkably rich constituency, The Chestertown Spy and Talbot Spy, the Mid-Shore’s non-profit, educational online newspapers, will be launching a unique portal dedicated to this increasingly important Shore demographic. The Spy’s Senior Nation is devoted to providing ongoing daily news and resources for its senior community readership,  which represents over 60% of its entire audience.

From lifelong learning to cultural programming, and from stay-at-home elderly best practices to the latest in end of life decision-making, the Spy’s Senior Nation thrives to become the “go-to” website for all things senior.

Through the use of original content articles, reader-provided columns, directory of services, and a public forum and comment, The Spy intends to move beyond a bulletin board format to provide a comprehensive overview of being older on the Mid-Shore for a new generation of senior citizens.

Talbot Spy Senior Readership

In 2015, the Chestertown Spy and Talbot Spy pulled demographic profiles of our readers using Google Analytics. To the surprise of staff and volunteers, the vast majority of Spy readers for both online publications came from the plus 50 community.

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Senior Nation Strategic Partnerships

As part of the Spy’s Senior Nation’s commitment to the senior community of the Shore, both the Chestertown Spy and Talbot Spy plan to create strategic alliances with the region’s leading service providers in residential housing, healthcare, and educational and cultural opportunities to creatively engage the senior community.

Beyond working closely with the Spy to celebrate and inform the community of events, lectures, workshops and special classes, Senior Nation will have a dedicated editor to seek out unique stories and issues that impact the Mid-Shore’s senior community with its organizational partnerships.  Using the power of multimedia, the Spy will develop and maintain a monthly stream of special features directed at this important demographic group.

Partnership Promotional Support  

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