WG Sutter Gets Standing Ovation at Avalon

The Avalon Foundation Producers Guild gave a standing ovation to Master Carver WG Sutter for his donation of a full-sized Lesser Snow Goose in Blue Phase carved sculpture. This carving was the centerpiece of a fundraising project that has taken place over the last year and that culminated during a dinner on June 14 at the theatre.

The piece, named “Avalon,” has an inscription on the bottom reading “Many Dreams Realized” in recognition of the work that the Avalon Foundation does for arts and entertainment in this area. The sculpture took Sutter a year to complete. It is approximately 26 inches long and is estimated to have 2,200 feathers and 48,000 wood-burned strokes.

Sutter creates his carvings only for charities that he considers worthy or, occasionally, as gifts for friends. In this case, members of the Avalon’s Producer’s Guild “earned” a ticket for a drawing with qualified $1000 donations.

WG Sutter and his family live in Trappe.

Find more information at AvalonFoundation.org and at WGtheCarver.com.

WG Sutter receives a standing ovation at the Avalan.

WG Sutter receives a standing ovation at the Avalan.