The Gunston School Announces Second Quarter Academic Honors


Congratulations to the following students for earning High Honors or Honors for the second quarter of the 2016-2017 academic year. To earn a place on the High Honors list, a student must have an A average and effort grades of “S” or above. To earn Honors, a student must achieve a B+/A- average and effort grades of “S” or above.

gunston honorsHigh Honors

Grade 12—Lauren Covell, Evan Donohue, Annie Herron, Xinying (Elaine) Jiang, Emma Johnson, Lizhi (Cliff) Peng, Rachel Pettit, Maddy Romberger, Tong Shen, Huixin (Emily) Teng.

Grade 11—Minto Aono, Yuxuan (Ciara) Chen, Rongjie (Rose) Fan, Steven Goss, Lila Ingersoll, Hope Murphy, Henry Parkhurst, Ryleigh Paskoski, Lily Phipps.

Grade 10—Kejing (Karen) Chen, Katie Easter, Nicholas Lee, Paige Murphy, James Pratt, Megan Prochaska, Caroline Roser, Yifan (Michael) Shen, Haorui (Davy) Song, Elena Sherman, Si-tong (Vicky) Zhou.

Grade 9—Andrew Amygdalos, Frankie Fisher, Emily Gray, Lynsey Hildebrand, Grace Holmes, Lily Judd, Junlin (Thompson) Leng, Will Newberg, Isabella Santoboni.


Grade 12—Alice Agee, Chad Angelini, Nikki Blades, Ethan Boone, George Bowie, Ben Byerly, Nuobing (Amy) Fan, Tim Hesford, Drew Hightower, Nick Mosner, Greg Panor, Sutter Phillips, Kane Powell, Ryan Redding, Eli Schut, Olivia Sherman, Tianqi (Stacey) Shi, Jason Staley, Sam Wargotz, Junchen (Kevin) Zhao.

Grade 11—Rick Archambault, Simon Cawley, Tirza Enriquez, Gillian Felton, Susie Fordi, Yohanes Gray, Emma Hottel, Sam Johnson, Xinqi (Crystal) Liu, Mary Macmillan, Jack Morrison, Mitchell Naumann, Chris Newberg, Dutch Nickerson, Brennan Paddy, Neel Patel, Alli Webb, Baoyi (Betty) Zhou, Li (Cubby) Zhou.

Grade 10—Brooks Armstong, Nick Basham, Anneliese Clair, Shiloh Clark, August Clarke, Becky DeFino, Cora Duncan, Cole Evans, Malachi Graham, Menel Harris, Yanni Harris, Griffin Hecht, Leah Hellwege, Phin Howell, Claire Johnson, Camy Kelly, Nick Lee, Ellie Merton, Michell Pagan, Marisa Pisapia, Samara Pyfrom, Zhenghao Ren, Drew Seaman, Nellie Stup, Sam Umidi, Will Urquhart, Anna Wolf, Yong (George) Yan, Fuji (Cynthia) Yang.

Grade 9—Eileen Ashley, Logan Cameron, Michaela Campbell, Nina De Angelo, Cedar Foster, Wyatt Howell, Nick Kellogg, Michael Nickerson, Erica Reece, Max Scott, Abigail Silva, Shuai (Bob) Tong, Qirui (Allen) Wang, Owen White, Yaxuan (Joey) Zhuo.

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