Op-Ed: There is Every Reason to Turn Out and Vote by John Ford


For the first time in a long time, I will be voting for a candidate in the 1st Congressional District race, rather than against the incumbent.  I have not voted for Congressman Harris in the past, and will not in this election, but that is because I disagree with his political positions, not because I question his character.  The few, brief times I have met him, he has been friendly, respectful, and articulate, and I believe that regardless how the November election turns out, he should be thanked for his service.

I will be voting for Jesse Colvin in the 1st District race because I support his political positions, but more importantly, because I admire his character.  One only need look at how Mr. Colvin has conducted himself on his recent tour of the shore to see the kind of leadership he will bring to Congress as our representative.  He has made many stops all over the shore, had many town meetings, given many speeches, has explained his reasons for seeking a seat in Congress, and has expressed his ideas on the environment, the polarization and inactivity in Washington, the opioid crisis, jobs, the economy, taxes, and health care many times over. But that is what all politicians do at election time.  

Jesse Colvin’s ideas on how to address today’s issues are very different than his opponent’s and ought to be read or listened to on Mr. Colvin’s web site. But what sets Jesse Colvin truly apart is what he did during all those campaign stops – first and foremost, he listened. He had real conversations with the folks he hopes to represent and, whether he agreed with what he heard or not, he thought about what was said to him.  He wanted to listen and learn from the people in the 1st District in order to better represent them.  Jesse Colvin has the humble confidence and wisdom to know that, in order to turn his good ideas into public policy, he has to listen to those he hopes to represent and those he hopes to work with, regardless of their political party. Real leaders do not assume an ideological position and refuse to move, they consider the positions of others and work with them to move the country forward.

Congressman Harris is not going to lose this election. He is intelligent, well-spoken, and perfectly comfortable in his positions.  If there is to be a change, Jesse Colvin will have to win this election. The focus should not be on ousting Any Harris, but on electing a candidate who sincerely listens to us and considers what he hears, a candidate who realizes that politics and policy based on an inflexible ideology lead to divisiveness and stalemate, a candidate who has the self-confidence to admit that he has much to learn and a willingness to question those now in power.  Jesse Colvin will not be learning how to be a leader. His already extensive, impressive record of service to his country shows he is a leader. If elected, he will be learning how his leadership can best be used to represent the 1st District. I hope we give him the chance.

Finally, regardless of whether you support Jesse Colvin, or prefer Andy Harris, please show up at the polls.  There are ten qualified candidates running for County Council who deserve your consideration, along with all the other candidates running for office in Talbot County.  And there is the ballot question regarding the adjustment to the County Revenue Cap, an immensely important issue which, if passed, will allow future County Councils to more adequately fund the needed services they are charged to oversee while still retaining the lowest property tax rate in the state.  

Elections are a big deal! This one is especially so – get out and vote!

John Ford is a resident of Easton and serves on Easton’s Town Council. 


Letters to Editor

  1. Jack Fischer says

    Whether or not one shares Mr. Ford’s conclusion, his analysis is refreshing-measured, reasoned and fair, bringing back memories of civil times when mobs did not shout down candidates with whom they disagreed as has been the experience of Mr. Harris.

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