Maryland LCV Endorses Anthony Brown, Ken Ulman

The Maryland League of Conservation Voters (Maryland LCV) today endorsed Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown for governor, along with his running mate, Howard County Executive Ken Ulman.

“The O’Malley-Brown administration has been a leader on environmental issues and we are confident that Anthony Brown will build on that record as governor,” said Karla Raettig, executive director of Maryland LCV. “The Brown-Ulman administration will make the environment a priority, with a focus on expanding our use of wind and solar energy, protecting our drinking water and restoring Maryland’s waterways and the Chesapeake Bay. We are pleased with the environmental commitments they have made – including a pledge to expand and strengthen the state’s renewable energy requirements and to create a publicly accessible database of pesticide use to better protect children’s health.”

“We believe Lt. Gov. Brown will expand the focus and reach of the environmental community in Maryland, ” Raettig continued. “He has articulated a vision for environmental justice that addresses a broad array of problems that disproportionately hurt Maryland’s disadvantaged citizens and communities, including higher rates of asthma and more prevalent exposure to toxics. He will work to ensure that low-income communities are not unfairly exposed to environmental hazards and challenges.”

“We applaud the O’Malley-Brown administration for its environmental achievements, especially on climate change and restoring the Chesapeake Bay for future generations,” said Tony Caligiuri, chair of Maryland LCV’s board. “We are also excited to work with Ken Ulman and continue his legacy of environmental achievement in Howard County.”

“We are fortunate to have three major candidates with strong records and visions for the environment. Although we feel Anthony Brown is best positioned to making meaningful progress on our core issues, we applaud Attorney General Douglas Gansler and Delegate Heather Mizeur for their past work on the environment and their records of service to Maryland,” said Marcia Verploegen Lewis, a member of the Maryland LCV Board.

In deciding on endorsements, Maryland LCV looks for proven leadership on the environment for incumbents and thoroughly evaluates new candidates’ background and commitment to the environment. Before each state election, the Maryland LCV Board of Directors and staff evaluate questionnaires and conduct interviews with dozens of candidates for statewide office as well as candidates for the Maryland General Assembly.

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For more than 35 years, the non-partisan Maryland League of Conservation Voters has served as the political voice of the environment. We advocate for sound conservation policies, promote environmentally responsible candidates, and hold individual elected officials accountable through our scorecards and reports.

MD League of Conservation Voters Announces Endorsements

Today the Maryland League of Conservation Voters (Maryland LCV) released its next round of endorsed candidates for General Assembly 2014 state primary elections. The organization said the 3 Senate seats and 2 delegate seats are priority races for the organization and present exciting opportunities to put candidates with much stronger environmental records in all of these seats.

“These candidates will increase the conservation majority in the General Assembly,” said Karla Raettig, Executive Director of Maryland LCV. “Marylanders care about our air, land and water and vote for candidates who lead on the environment. These candidates are, without a doubt, the best choice for the environment in the Maryland General Assembly.”

Raettig went on to say:

· “Maryland LCV endorses Johnny Olszewski for District 6 Senate. He holds a 88% lifetime score and Senator Stone is retiring with a 66% score. He’s a champion for clean energy and we’re excited to endorse his move to the Senate.”

· “Maryland LCV endorses Guy Guzzone for his bid to the District 13 Senate which is also open. Delegate Guzzone holds a 93% lifetime score while the predecessor, Senator Robey held a 70%. He’s a big champion on environmental budget issues.”

· “Maryland LCV endorses Veronica Turner for her bid against Anthony Muse in District 26. Delegate Turner holds a 92% lifetime score while Senator Muse has a 62% lifetime score. We’re looking forward to helping her move to the Senate chamber.”

· “Maryland LCV endorses Sue Kullen for delegate in district 27C in Calvert County. It’s an open seat and with her previous environmental lifetime score of 88%, we’re elated to endorse her to re-enter the Maryland General Assembly.”

· “Maryland LCV endorses Brooke Lierman for delegate in district 46 in Baltimore City. She will replace retiring Delegate McHale with a lifetime score of 75%. While this will be her first bid to the Maryland General Assembly, she is strongly prioritizing the environment and we’re proud to endorse her.”

“Every election cycle, The Maryland League of Conservation Voters looks to increase the environmental vote in the Maryland General Assembly and select key candidates to help turn the tide and we’re confident these are the candidates to do that,” said Chuck Porcari, Political Chair of the MDLCV Board of Directors.

Maryland LCV’s endorsement process is based on proven leadership on the environment for incumbents and a thorough evaluation of new candidate’s background and commitment to the environment.

Before each state election, the Maryland League of Conservation Voters (LCV) Board of Directors and staff evaluate questionnaires and conduct interviews with dozens of candidates for state-wide office, including Comptroller, Attorney General, and Governor as well candidates as for the Maryland House of Delegates and Senate.

In the 2014 Primary and General elections, Maryland LCV will once again campaign to elect pro-conservation candidates.

In December, Maryland LCV League endorsed Senator Brian Frosh for Maryland Attorney General and made its first round of early endorsements earlier this year.

More endorsements will be released in the coming weeks and months. Please follow us on twitter @MDLCV and the hashtag #VoteGreen2014 for more up to date environmental endorsements.

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