Rep. Andy Harris Video Response to Obama’s Address


The Following is a press release from Congressman Andy Harris’s press secretary.

WASHINGTON, DC—Rep. Andy Harris, M.D. recorded the following video response to President Obama’s State of the Union address immediately after the speech last night. While the President did not disappoint with rhetoric, his actions speak louder than his words. President Obama’s speech failed to outline a plan to rein in spending or get our economy growing again. House Republicans know that speeches won’t solve the challenges America faces, which is why they have passed a budget and are taking the lead to ensure the future we pass on to the next generation is not filled with uncontrollable debt.


“President Obama had an opportunity to lay out bipartisan, real solutions to get our economy back on track and tackle America’s out of control spending problem.

“Unfortunately, his speech was more of the same – a my way or the highway – approach. He delivered the same empty rhetoric, along with passing the blame to others for his inability to get America moving forward. Instead of focusing on getting Americans working again, he instead focused on issues like gun control and climate change.

“House Republicans have recognized the urgent need to tackle the economic challenges we face. America’s spending is out of control. During the president’s speech tonight, America spent $450 million dollars, much of which was borrowed from places like China.

“This has to end. We have a moral obligation to our children and grandchildren to make sure the future we pass on to them is as free and prosperous as the one our parents passed on to us.

“Families and businesses all over Maryland know that when times are tough, you figure out your priorities and cut back on what you don’t need. President Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi don’t understand this simple concept. Just last week, Nancy Pelosi said that we don’t have a spending problem. Four straight trillion dollar deficits under the President’s watch clearly shows we have a spending problem.

“Republicans in the House have done the responsible thing and passed a budget the last two years, budgets that put us on a path to fiscal responsibility. It’s time for real leaders in Washington who will address our challenges head on, instead of passing them on to our kids and grandkids. Thank you.”

Matt Sauvage
Press Secretary
Congressman Andy Harris, M.D. (MD-1)

1533 Longworth HOB | Washington, DC 20515
O: 202-226-4870
M: 202-441-7940

Letters to Editor

  1. Thanks for giving your readers the opportunity to hear our congressional representative’s response to the president’s speech. …Robert Amdur

  2. Harris has nothing constructive to say except to regurgitate criticisms we have all heard thousands of times. The part I particularly liked was the statement “We have a moral obligation to our children and grandchildren to make sure the future we pass on to them is as free and prosperous as the one our parents passed on to us.” This is fine as long as this statement does NOT include the environment? Or Civil Liberties? It seems to be conveniently forgotten by many politicians from BOTH parties that just because something is sustainable, does not make it unprofitable. It is a constant source of disappointment to me that my fellow Eastern Shore-people voted in someone who obviously has so little regard and respect for his constituents.

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