1st District: Harris Supports Trump National Emergency Declaration


Congressman Andy Harris, M.D. (MD-01) made the following statement on President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency to protect border security and facilitate funding of the border wall:

“I support the president’s efforts to fully fund comprehensive border security by re-allocating unused funds from other programs, such as counter-narcotics programs directly related to the flow of illegal drugs across our southern border. Just last month, CBP had its largest fentanyl drug bust at the southern border, capturing enough fentanyl to kill 57 million people – that’s enough drugs to kill the population of Maryland nine times over. The sex trafficking industry, a horrific and demoralizing crime, is also thriving from a lack of border security. The exploitation and rape of these women and children occurs both en route to the United States and after their arrival. MS-13 gang violence is rampant in the United States, and is a serious threat to our communities in Maryland. The president has worked hard to secure our border, and I support his decision to declare


Letters to Editor

  1. Richard Skinner says

    While by no means surprising (Representative Harris hews closely to whatever line Mr. Trump draws), support for declaring a national emergency on the southern border of Mexico and the U.S when Messrs. Harris and Trump and their Republican colleagues were in control of the White House and both houses of Congress might easily be interpreted as a repeat of childish behavior that shut down much of the federal government, to wit: “I did not receive the homage and money I want and that is a true emergency, so I will circumvent the Constitution and simply spend funds authorized and appropriated for other purposes in order to achieve what I want to achieve.”

    There are precedents for American presidents declaring emergencies, most recently in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. But it’s hard to see how failure in the legislative process (something Mr. Trump the dealmaker seems not to have gotten the hand of) translates into a national emergency that warrants violating the fundamental separation of powers and responsibilities set out in the Constitution.

    Nearing age 70 and still 5 feet 10 inches tall, I am positively outraged that a NBA team is yet to draft me as a power forward. Similarly, I am much bothered by the failure of the scientific community to find a cure for male-patterned baldness. Why doesn’t anyone else share my gall?

    Childish? Narcissistic? Of course. And as the number of person entering the U.S. continues to decline and caravans of people seeking asylum turn out NOT to be terrorists or gang members so much as mostly young women and men and their children, it’s childish and very self-serving – not to mention dangerous – for a president to usurp the rule of law in order to have his way when he is unable to persuade a majority of the American public and much of Congress that his cause is not theirs.

  2. No one denies that many people in the caravans are women and children seeking asylum, nor does anyone wish to deny asylum to any legitimate persons legally qualifying being granted asylum. That is the law. It is also the law that drugs, human trafficking, criminal gang members and other non qualified border crossers should and must be stopped. Instead of childish name calling, critics should address the statistics cited by Rep. Harris and propose better solutions if they have them. Better solutions means more than sending more aid to Central American countries. Its impact is not immediate and its history has been grossly inefficient due to corruption. Better solutions include many of the technological and other elements in today’s legislation–all of which were welcomed. So, why not fund additional barriers? They work and they are not intended to, nor do they deny legitimate asylum seekers refuge. Everyone knows it is playing politics and both parties are equally culpable. Rep. Harris cites legitimate statistics for his position without hyperbole or canned political talking points. To be taken seriously, responders and critics should do the same.

    • Thomas Alspach says

      No Mr. Todd, Harris does not “cite legitimate statisics for his position” and many others already have “addressed the statistics cited by Harris and proposed better solutions…. .” Just google , for example, “Where drugs enter the US on the southern border” to find the actual facts, known to most of us but not those who rely on Sean Hannity, and Harris, for “news.”

      The vast, vast majority of drugs entering the US come through legal points of entry smuggled in tractor trailers and other such vehicles. Democrats have indeed proposed “solutions” — more border agents at the entry points and better technology for detection. But the former Republican Party, now the Party of Trump, rejects this approach in favor of a wall in areas where little of the massive smuggling occurs — all because most of them are afraid of what Trump might do to them if they don’t stay in line (see, e.g., the shameless Lindsey Graham).

      And BTW, where is the check from Mexico so we taxpayers don’t have to pick up the tab? Why hasn’t the master “dealmaker” been able to deliver on his foremost promise: “Mexico will pay!”? If Dems were better at politics, this is all they would be talking about. So much material.

  3. Alan Boisvert says

    Harris Supports Trump National Emergency Declaration? OMG, I’m shocked.
    I hope the 1st District is proud for electing this moron. If trump jumped off
    a cliff, would Harris? One can only hope.

  4. Robert Parker says

    To the editor, As a transplant to Easton, I understood that the Eastern Shore was politically more conservative than the rest of Maryland. The same could be said of my former home on Long Island in New York. As a life long Republican, I was fine with that. However, Trump is no Republican. He neither understands nor respects the Constitution. He is an unrepentant liar and plays on people’s fear to achieve his agenda. He has no desire to learn the facts of an issue, and only cares about those that could be used to support his position. This is what has happened regarding the US southern boarder. He fails to understand that a physical barrier is not the same as security, and by diverting funds from other more important projects he harms other important governmental programs. Additionally, his declaration or a national emergency sets a dangerous precedent that should disturb any “small government” fan and is anti- Constitutional. I expected support from diehard “Trumpites” in Congress and am disappointed by support from Representative Harris.

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