Spy Survey Results: Cut vs. Hire


Thanks to all who participated!

In our unscientific survey we found from our many responses that 70% always cut their grass with tractor or mower, while 19% never cut their own grass.

A full 2/3rds strongly agreed that they enjoy taking care of their own lawn; with, 51% strongly agreeing that they like driving a tractor.

Maybe best of all, regardless of whether you “cut” or “hire,” a full 83% report liking the way the lawn looks.

Numerous comments offered even more insights…some of our favorites:

“When I was growing up, my brothers got to mow the grass while I had to do housecleaning. I love mowing the grass, especially with my starts-in-2-pulls-of-the-rope Toro! I let my grass grow quite tall so that mowing it will be even more satisfying, and I sometimes play with making patterns as I cut. So much fun!”

“Husband sits on the tractor and cuts the fields and larger areas. Wife pushes the gas powered lawn mower around the trees and foundation plantings.  Both are happy with the outcome!”

“It is a peaceful time to be riding a mower trimming grass. Nobody bothers me with questions or whatever. I look forward to doing it every 4 days.”

“I grew up in a city apartment where I never learned to be expert with lawns or shrubs. I love the way our yard looks and could never hope to make it so nice with my lack of knowledge on the subject. I do my expert things and pay someone else who is good at their’s to do the lawn and all that comes with it. That helps make everyone happy and employed.”

“The best solution might be a herd of sheep but they are not as fast. See below”

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